Grayson Petroleum Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Grayson Petroleum Company
Map of Wells Operated by Grayson Petroleum Company
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Company Name:

PO BOX 648

(903) 564-6279

Leases Operated by Grayson Petroleum Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-01740 BARNETT, L. T. Clay County
09-02041 HAYNES, ETHEL B. Cooke County
09-02197 SMITH #1 Cooke County
09-02350 ANDERSON, GEO. Cooke County
09-02358 MURPHY, W. J. Cooke County
09-02576 FOX, J. H. Cooke County
09-02664 KNIGHT Grayson County
09-02665 WOOD, NORA B. Grayson County
09-02854 BAILEY, W. H. Grayson County
09-03221 FREEMAN, C. T. -B- Grayson County
09-03234 ALLEN, E. T. Grayson County
09-09699 VIARS, FAY Grayson County
09-09800 CHUMBLEY, GLADYS ETAL Grayson County
09-10376 FERRILL, N. L. Grayson County
09-10491 SPALDING, JESSIE Grayson County
09-10540 ALLEN, E. T. -B- Grayson County
09-10653 THRASHER, LEE. G. Cooke County
09-10770 FLOYD, LILLIE Grayson County
09-10783 SWEENEY, R. L. Grayson County
09-10862 ECKERT, W. E. Grayson County
09-10922 GUILLOUD, F. Grayson County
09-10947 PLUMLEE, A. L., ETUX Cooke County
09-11424 PLUMLEE BROS. Cooke County
09-11584 JOHNSON, W. A. Cooke County
09-12765 JOHNSON, S. A. Grayson County
09-13202 TIMBER CREEK UNIT Cooke County
09-13680 RIDDLE, G. M. Grayson County
09-14069 RITCHIE, R. A. Cooke County
09-14284 FREEMAN, C. T. UNIT Grayson County
09-14288 RITCHIE, R. A. Cooke County
09-14739 KNIGHT-WOOD UNIT Grayson County
09-14774 GODSEY, O. Grayson County
09-14814 HUDGINS, T. M., UNIT Grayson County
09-15864 CRUMP, R. M. Cooke County
09-16324 KUSCH, O. F., JR. Grayson County
09-17087 TIMBER CREEK UNIT Cooke County
09-17088 TIMBER CREEK UNIT Cooke County
09-17089 TIMBER CREEK UNIT Cooke County
09-17433 VIARS, FAY ET AL Grayson County
09-17436 FOX, J. H. -B- Cooke County
09-17547 TIMBER CREEK UNIT Cooke County
09-17874 STEED, NETUM H. -A- Cooke County
09-17926 MCCORKLE, GEORGE H. Cooke County
09-18487 SPRINGS-MAGES UNIT Cooke County
09-21649 WOODS, J. S. "D" Montague County
09-22104 WALKER, A. R. "A" Grayson County
09-22426 BONNER, J. G. Cooke County
09-22491 GADDIE-MITCHELL UNIT Cooke County
09-22707 FOX, J. H. B Cooke County
09-22730 ATCHERSON "B" Cooke County
09-23198 GONZALIS Cooke County
09-23452 MCDONNELL, E. Grayson County
09-23455 WISER UNIT Grayson County
09-24088 HOUGH Grayson County
09-24412 FLOYD, LILLIE Grayson County
09-24586 ALLEN, E. T. Cooke County
09-24699 PIPPIN-CASE UNIT Grayson County
09-25797 PACLIK, C. J. Cooke County
09-25915 HOWELL, VERNON C. Grayson County
09-26495 PLUMLEE, I. Cooke County
09-26688 P & T UNIT Cooke County
09-26930 PLUMLEE Grayson County
09-27281 FREEMAN, C. T. "A" Grayson County
09-27854 FREEMAN "B" Grayson County
09-27921 SADLER (DORNICK HILLS) SAND UNIT Grayson County
09-28521 BRITT-CROCKETT UNIT Grayson County
09-28729 BIRD UNIT Grayson County
09-28803 PIKE-DAVIS #1 Grayson County
09-29381 GIBBONS, J.E. Grayson County
09-29777 SEITZ, J. R. JR. Cooke County
09-30307 YARBROUGH Cooke County
09-30362 CARR Cooke County
09-30438 TALBOTT Cooke County
09-30466 WILSON EST. Cooke County
09-30762 KLAS Grayson County
09-31088 ALLEN Cooke County
09-32282 MCLERRAN Cooke County
09-32603 HUFF Grayson County
09-32631 DRESSER Cooke County
09-32765 FAULKNER Cooke County

Drilling Permits Filed by Grayson Petroleum Company