Gulf Oil Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Gulf Oil Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Gulf Oil Corp.
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Leases Operated by Gulf Oil Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04706 DAVIS, MILTON -A- Atascosa County
01-05168 REESE, MORRIS R. Atascosa County
01-08283 CULPEPPER, ALICE Gonzales County
02-052049 TRAYLOR, T. P. -B- Victoria County
02-056417 BONNER, R. R. Victoria County
02-057552 SCHULTZ, L. P. Victoria County
03-041843 MOORE, J. M., ET AL Fort Bend County
03-042593 MOORE, J. M., ETAL Fort Bend County
03-044479 RICE, MRS. KATHLEEN B. ET AL M/D Fort Bend County
03-11517 DRB UNIT 1 Brazos County
03-11532 DRB UNIT II Brazos County
03-11548 TATUM UNIT 1 Brazos County
03-11910 LLOYD, LESLIE UNIT 1 Brazos County
03-11921 JOSEY UNIT I Brazos County
03-11922 SHEALY UNIT I Brazos County
03-12638 MCKINNEY UNIT I Brazos County
03-12827 SCHRAM UNIT III Brazos County
03-12828 H. WEST UNIT I Brazos County
03-13796 CARLSON, C.B. Wharton County
03-14036 HUMPHRIES UNIT V Brazos County
03-14263 WARREN UNIT II Brazos County
04-067225 MARTIN, J. C. Zapata County
04-067333 ZAPATA, R. ET AL UNIT Zapata County
04-068161 MARTIN, S. J. Webb County
04-080909 STATE TRACT 942-S Mustang Island Small Block Offshore
04-082181 RANGEL, B.M. Zapata County
04-083803 BRUNI MINERAL TRUST Webb County
08-019878 FORD, W. T. Andrews County
08-019914 GOLDSMITH, C. A. ET AL Ector County
08-019915 GOLDSMITH, C. A. ET AL Ector County
08-030633 ESTES, W. A. Ward County
08-030634 ESTES, W. A. Ward County
08-03064 UNIVERSITY-FOGELSON -A- Ector County
08-042264 TREES, J. C. ESTATE ET AL -A- Reeves County
08-042514 GOLDSMITH, C. A., ETAL Ector County
08-042606 TAYLOR, S. J. Ward County
08-059498 UNIVERSITY 18-31 Ward County
08-063428 HUTCHINGS STOCK ASSN. Ward County
08-063693 HUTCHINGS STOCK ASSOC. Ward County
08-088429 STATE -XU- Ward County
08-08856 PRIOR A Howard County
08-08930 GUITAR J Howard County
08-16126 STATE -FY- Andrews County
08-16129 TEXAS -000- Andrews County
08-16645 SOUTH CROSS UNIT Crockett County
08-21951 EDWARDS ESTATE-STATE Crane County
08-21974 STATE -FH- Andrews County
08-22045 FROST, J. Reeves County
08-26413 LITTLE, P.E. Howard County
08-27126 STATE "NY" Crane County
08-27406 STATE NY Crane County
09-040724 GRESHAM-DAVIS Jack County
09-070582 CROWLEY, BUTTON Jack County
09-080205 RICH, J. L. Grayson County
10-01854 HAAR, C. E., ETAL Ochiltree County
10-01931 BELL, A. R. Roberts County
10-021832 D D PAYNE 1 Roberts County
10-03512 ELAINE Ochiltree County
10-03513 FLUITTE Ochiltree County
10-03526 WITTLER
10-078676 BYRUM, RALPH A. Roberts County
10-083745 MCCLELLAN, P. L. Hansford County
10-092576 RICHHART, ETHELYN Hemphill County
10-097918 RICHART, ETHELYN Hemphill County
7B-069251 HOBBS H T Hood County
7B-069460 HARRIS MAGGIE ET AL Stephens County
7B-069878 SATTERWHITE, E. M. Stephens County
7B-070166 BRATTEN RANCH Hood County
7C-019329 TIPPETT, J. H. -G- Crockett County
7C-019336 TIPPETT, J. H., -E- /NCT-B/ Crockett County
7C-02180 SMITH, JIM C. Runnels County
7C-02185 ERNST, A. C. Runnels County
7C-043860 ADAMC /DEVONION/ UNIT Upton County
7C-044151 ROSS, R. L. ET AL /NCT-B/ Upton County
7C-045315 TIPPETT, J. H., E. /NCT-B/ Crockett County
7C-04587 BELL, C. M. Upton County
8A-16022 WALLACE, T. L. Dawson County
8A-18660 AINSWORTH, L. -A- Scurry County
8A-60398 HODGES, W. S. Yoakum County
8A-60555 BENNETT, RUTH Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Gulf Oil Corp.