Gulf Oil Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Gulf Oil Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Gulf Oil Corp.
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Leases Operated by Gulf Oil Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04706 DAVIS, MILTON -A- Atascosa County
01-05168 REESE, MORRIS R. Atascosa County
01-08283 CULPEPPER, ALICE Gonzales County
01-08383 TARTT, EMMA ET AL Atascosa County
02-052049 TRAYLOR, T. P. -B- Victoria County
02-056417 BONNER, R. R. Victoria County
02-057552 SCHULTZ, L. P. Victoria County
02-076394 KOLLE, A. Victoria County
03-054999 GUBBELS, M. ET AL "A" Fort Bend County
03-055001 MOORE, J. M., ET AL Fort Bend County
03-05799 HARTON, CARL Wharton County
03-11587 LLOYD UNIT I Brazos County
03-11600 DRB UNIT IV Brazos County
03-11606 SMITH UNIT I Brazos County
03-11975 SIKORSKI UNIT 1 Brazos County
03-11985 GIBSON UNIT I Brazos County
03-11986 SIKORSKI, UNIT II Brazos County
03-12015 FRENZEL UNIT I Brazos County
03-12898 LENZ UNIT II Brazos County
03-12954 GILPIN UNIT I Brazos County
03-12990 WILSON UNIT VI Brazos County
03-12995 BEARD UNIT I Brazos County
03-13795 BEARD UNIT II Brazos County
03-13796 CARLSON, C.B. Wharton County
03-14036 HUMPHRIES UNIT V Brazos County
03-14263 WARREN UNIT II Brazos County
04-066029 VIDAURRI, R. ET AL Zapata County
04-067225 MARTIN, J. C. Zapata County
04-067333 ZAPATA, R. ET AL UNIT Zapata County
04-079707 J & C ROYALTY CORP. Hidalgo County
04-080909 STATE TRACT 942-S Mustang Island Small Block Offshore
04-082181 RANGEL, B.M. Zapata County
08-019648 WADDELL, W. N., ET AL Crane County
08-019678 CRAWAR FIELD UNIT Ward County
08-01985 GLASS, G. W. -B- Martin County
08-030519 SANDERS, JUNE T. Midland County
08-030520 WALLIN, H. C. Midland County
08-03061 CONNELL, HATTIE, ETAL Ector County
08-041240 EDWARDS, C., JR., ETAL /NCT-A/ Ward County
08-042195 WADDELL, W.N. ET AL Crane County
08-058035 REYNOLDS CATTLE CO. "B" Pecos County
08-058391 O BRIEN, G. W., ET AL Ward County
08-058619 WADDELL, W. N., ET AL Crane County
08-083935 WADDELL, W. N. ET AL Crane County
08-084125 CRAWAR FIELD UNIT Ward County
08-08418 WADDELL, W. N. Crane County
08-15296 STATE -AP- Andrews County
08-15549 EDWARDS, C.W., ETAL Ward County
08-16122 STATE -BN- Andrews County
08-20666 GLASS, G. W., -D- Martin County
08-21014 STRAIN, C. H. Andrews County
08-21291 STATE -BO- Andrews County
08-25524 STATE "FW" Andrews County
08-25569 WADDELL, W.N. ETAL TR. E. Crane County
08-25626 RAYNOLDS,H.F. TRUST NO. 2-D- Pecos County
09-03664 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-03702 GRESHAM-DAVIS /STRAWN/ Jack County
09-03705 SMITH, W. F. Jack County
09-22337 CHARNEY MORRIS Grayson County
09-23052 J. GRAHAM Grayson County
10-00788 CHRISTIAN, W. S.
10-02773 CONNER, NELLIE Ochiltree County
10-02785 HAGGARD, JOHN Roberts County
10-030826 CLARK, C. H. -K- Roberts County
10-045137 HART, RHODA Hansford County
10-04603 ISAACS 208 Hemphill County
10-046189 FILLINGIM Hemphill County
7B-04902 WILLIAMS, G. Young County
7B-04949 GREATHOUSE, MARY LOU Throckmorton County
7B-049854 WALKER-BUCKLER TRUST-A- TRACT 2/ Throckmorton County
7B-17464 GILMORE-THARP UNIT Throckmorton County
7C-018896 KING RANCH O & L CO. NCT-C Upton County
7C-019329 TIPPETT, J. H. -G- Crockett County
7C-043858 ADAMC /DEVONION/ UNIT Upton County
7C-043859 ADAMC /DEVONION/UNIT Upton County
7C-043860 ADAMC /DEVONION/ UNIT Upton County
8A-07694 ORY, C. W. Yoakum County
8A-14752 ORY, C. W. Yoakum County
8A-16022 WALLACE, T. L. Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Gulf Oil Corp.