Hallwood Energy Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Hallwood Energy Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Hallwood Energy Corporation
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Leases Operated by Hallwood Energy Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-201221 MEADOWS Johnson County
05-201369 MIZE FAMILY Johnson County
05-201632 SMITH, R Johnson County
08-049866 CAMPBELL -C- Winkler County
08-21587 SLAUGHTER "79" Martin County
08-21667 LESTER Martin County
08-21844 SLAUGHTER -B- Martin County
08-21956 SLAUGHTER -E- Martin County
08-22114 SLAUGHTER -G- Martin County
08-22250 SLAUGHTER -H- Martin County
08-25775 WADE, GAY Martin County
08-26085 WADE, GAY -C- Martin County
08-26277 KNOX "253" Martin County
08-26636 WADE, GAY -8- Martin County
08-26652 SNELL, LABOR Martin County
08-27023 STEPHENS Martin County
08-27080 CORRIGAN Martin County
08-27151 RIKER Martin County
08-27206 SLAUGHTER "B-3" Martin County
08-27207 SLAUGHTER "B-2" Martin County
08-27208 SLAUGHTER "C-2" Martin County
08-27209 SLAUGHTER "D-2" Martin County
08-27212 ESTEP Martin County
08-27434 GARNER Martin County
08-27436 ELMA Martin County
08-28534 GRAHAM "48" Midland County
09-202713 FALVEL Johnson County
09-203715 CITY OF CLEBURNE Johnson County
09-203740 EAST GODLEY Johnson County
09-203743 WILLIAMS Johnson County
09-203879 MARTIN Johnson County
09-203880 MANUEL LABOR Johnson County
09-203967 CITY OF CLEBURNE Johnson County
09-204289 WILLIAMS Johnson County
7B-056383 WALKER-HALLWOOD "A" Stephens County
7C-01799 RINGO A Reagan County
7C-01800 RINGO B Reagan County
7C-06184 PETTIT, J. B. Reagan County
7C-06291 WEATHERBY, THERON Reagan County
7C-06360 PETTIT,JAP Reagan County
7C-06409 STATE Reagan County
7C-06488 UNIVERSITY "3" Reagan County
7C-06578 WEATHERBY, THERON "D" Reagan County
7C-06613 UNIVERSITY "27" Reagan County
7C-06630 WEATHERBY, THERON "C" Reagan County
7C-06643 GOULD, LOU Reagan County
7C-07023 WINTERBOTHAM -28- Irion County
7C-07053 GOULD "A" Reagan County
7C-07061 WEATHERBY "F" Reagan County
7C-07626 HAM "B" Reagan County
7C-07668 UNIVERSITY 15-58 Reagan County
7C-07669 UNIVERSITY 16-58 Reagan County
7C-07689 UNIVERSITY "910" Reagan County
7C-07788 UNIVERSITY 16-A-10 Reagan County
7C-07804 UNIVERSITY 16-10 Reagan County
7C-078359 WINTERBOTHAM "F" Tom Green County
7C-07900 UNIVERSITY "9-A-9" Reagan County
7C-07917 TURNER "A" Reagan County
7C-07934 UNIVERSITY "10-9" Reagan County
7C-07988 PATTERSON Reagan County
7C-08384 PATTERSON "B" Reagan County
7C-08704 SKAGGS 8 Upton County
7C-08812 SH FRANKLIN 22A Upton County
7C-08818 WINDHAM "F" Upton County
7C-08892 DUKE Reagan County
7C-08893 HANKS "A" Upton County
7C-08973 UNIVERSITY "14-2" Reagan County
7C-08990 LEE, LENA "A" Upton County
7C-09125 RATLIFF Upton County
7C-09169 RATLIFF "A" Upton County
7C-09262 BRUSENHAN Upton County
7C-09387 BRANCH, ED Reagan County
7C-099610 BRANCH Reagan County
7C-10441 COSEKA/SAXON UNIVERSITY 3-2 Reagan County
7C-10484 SH FRANKLIN 22B Upton County
8A-62638 JONES RANCH Gaines County
8A-63521 BECKMEYER Dawson County
8A-63541 RADLIFF, D. Dawson County
8A-63553 RADLIFF, D. "A" Martin County

Drilling Permits Filed by Hallwood Energy Corporation