Hallwood Petroleum, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Hallwood Petroleum, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Hallwood Petroleum, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Hallwood Petroleum, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04721 SHINER RANCH -B- Frio County
01-04820 BENNETT-MORALES UNIT Frio County
02-106627 NORRELL Goliad County
02-113191 THOMAS, ANNE Goliad County
03-11214 GAU, L. C. ETAL Chambers County
03-113719 SOUTH MAYES UNIT 6 Chambers County
03-13988 BIRDIE Lee County
03-15483 VIRGINIA UNIT Lee County
03-15651 PATRICIA UNIT Lee County
03-184787 SOUTH MAYES GAS UNIT 10 Chambers County
04-114581 HOSKINSON "A" San Patricio County
05-105148 MAYNARD Freestone County
06-081385 HAYTER ESTATE Rusk County
06-093164 TEMPLE Rusk County
06-094014 KANGERGA, M. ET AL Rusk County
06-094017 TEMPLE GAS UNIT #1 Rusk County
06-11630 JONES, W. J. Rusk County
06-126190 JACKSON, M. Rusk County
06-12834 CEDAR BRANCH UNIT Houston County
06-12858 KANGERGA Rusk County
06-135625 CARLTON Rusk County
06-136082 WHITEMAN ET AL Cherokee County
06-147742 TUFCO A Rusk County
06-161250 JACKSON, K. L. Nacogdoches County
08-21844 SLAUGHTER -B- Martin County
08-21925 SLAUGHTER "84" Martin County
08-21956 SLAUGHTER -E- Martin County
08-22114 SLAUGHTER -G- Martin County
08-22250 SLAUGHTER -H- Martin County
08-23375 HANKS, NELLIE Winkler County
08-25302 WADE, GAY -13- Martin County
08-25775 WADE, GAY Martin County
08-26085 WADE, GAY -C- Martin County
08-26277 KNOX "253" Martin County
08-26636 WADE, GAY -8- Martin County
08-26652 SNELL, LABOR Martin County
08-27080 CORRIGAN Martin County
08-27151 RIKER Martin County
08-27208 SLAUGHTER "C-2" Martin County
08-27212 ESTEP Martin County
08-28534 GRAHAM "48" Midland County
08-34218 MOSS, J.H. Winkler County
7B-28267 MEEKS Nolan County
7B-28466 GIBSON Taylor County
7C-01799 RINGO A Reagan County
7C-01800 RINGO B Reagan County
7C-06166 HAM, C. E. -A- Reagan County
7C-06184 PETTIT, J. B. Reagan County
7C-06291 WEATHERBY, THERON Reagan County
7C-06578 WEATHERBY, THERON "D" Reagan County
7C-07053 GOULD "A" Reagan County
7C-07061 WEATHERBY "F" Reagan County
7C-07512 UNIVERSITY 4 Reagan County
7C-07668 UNIVERSITY 15-58 Reagan County
7C-07669 UNIVERSITY 16-58 Reagan County
7C-08384 PATTERSON "B" Reagan County
7C-08704 SKAGGS 8 Upton County
7C-087052 SHURLEY Sutton County
7C-087053 SHURLEY "35" Sutton County
7C-08812 SH FRANKLIN 22A Upton County
7C-09262 BRUSENHAN Upton County
7C-096444 SHURLEY 148 Sutton County
7C-098389 SHURLEY "36" Sutton County
7C-103457 SHURLEY "149" Sutton County
7C-13818 ROCKER B Reagan County
7C-13982 MCMASTERS, MYRTLE Reagan County
7C-13984 WELLS, ONA Reagan County
7C-13986 COOK, T. E. Reagan County
7C-14649 GOULD, LOU Reagan County
7C-15024 UNIVERSITY 14 Reagan County
7C-15161 ROCKER B "67" Reagan County
8A-62638 JONES RANCH Gaines County
8A-63104 SCHOOLER Dawson County
8A-63521 BECKMEYER Dawson County
8A-63541 RADLIFF, D. Dawson County
8A-63553 RADLIFF, D. "A" Martin County
8A-64394 HANCOCK, FRANK Crosby County
8A-65513 HANCOCK, HARVEY Lubbock County
8A-65821 MELCHER Lubbock County

Drilling Permits Filed by Hallwood Petroleum, Inc.