Henry Resources LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Henry Resources LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Henry Resources LLC
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(432) 694-3000

Leases Operated by Henry Resources LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-36830 SARAH Midland County
08-37016 RAGGETT Midland County
08-38385 CASSELMAN 32 Andrews County
08-38675 CASSELMAN4 Midland County
08-38704 BOHANNON26 Andrews County
08-38807 CASSELMAN8 Midland County
08-38816 CASSELMAN16 Midland County
08-38873 CASSELMAN40 Midland County
08-38899 BOHANNON38 Midland County
08-38905 CASSELMAN10 Midland County
08-38962 BOHANNON36 Andrews County
08-39040 NOBLES Midland County
08-39071 ALDRIDGE Midland County
08-39108 BOHANNON24 Andrews County
08-39506 KIMBERLY Martin County
08-39754 LEIGH Midland County
08-39969 BENNERS Midland County
08-40212 ULS 5-27 Andrews County
08-40215 FELDER "21" Midland County
08-41902 UNIVANISTON Crane County
08-42491 UNIVSHERRY Crane County
08-42823 UNIVLINDSAY Crane County
08-42849 UNIVKRISTIN Crane County
08-43149 JORDAN Ector County
08-43229 HORTON UNIT Midland County
08-43308 UNIVTAYLOR Crane County
08-43539 JESSICA Ector County
08-43562 UNIVDEBBIE Crane County
08-43658 BARBARA Midland County
08-43882 UNIVHOPE Crane County
08-44352 UNIVWHITNEY Crane County
08-44560 UNIVANNE Crane County
08-44613 SUZAHN Crane County
08-44807 FAYE Crane County
08-44890 UNIVBRIANNA Crane County
08-44938 UNIVSHANNON Crane County
08-44940 UNIVKIMRA Crane County
08-44965 GWENDOLYN Midland County
08-44992 UNIVHANNAH Crane County
08-45587 UNIVMICHELLE Crane County
08-45764 UNIVJENNY Crane County
08-45807 UNIVPAYTON Crane County
08-45874 DENISE Midland County
08-46446 UNIVKENNEDY Crane County
08-46541 UNIVTAYLOR "H" Crane County
08-47579 WILLIFORD Crane County
08-47999 WIGLEY "37" Midland County
08-49335 FANTASY Upton County
08-49674 REBECCA SL Midland County
08-49740 KYLA Midland County
08-51841 JOHN J BUSH 218-219 UNIT A Reeves County
08-52440 KYLA C Midland County
08-53323 JOHN J BUSH 218-219 UNIT B Reeves County
08-53708 KYLA E Midland County
08-53929 KYLA D Midland County
08-54496 KYLA H Midland County
08-54497 KYLA I Midland County
7C-07774 OWENS, FELMONT "B" Upton County
7C-11068 WOOLEY "7" Upton County
7C-151590 WOOLEY "7" Upton County
7C-154038 INDEPENDENCE 33 Terrell County
7C-16058 NEAL, H. F. Upton County
7C-16496 NEAL, HF "B" Upton County
7C-16775 LAURA Upton County
7C-17295 MELINDA Upton County
7C-17807 UNIVKEISHA Crockett County
7C-18462 WOOLEY 5 Upton County
7C-18747 KARISSA STATE Terrell County
7C-18978 UNIVDANA Crockett County
7C-18979 UNIVTARA Reagan County
7C-18980 UNIVNICHOLE Crockett County
7C-18981 UNIVMISTY Upton County
7C-19084 LAUREN Terrell County
7C-19089 BEAN RANCH Crockett County
7C-19402 MYERS Upton County
7C-20842 JOSHUA 32-51 A Upton County
7C-20843 JOSHUA 32-51 B Upton County
7C-20844 JOSHUA 32-51 C Upton County
7C-279514 UNIVKEISHA Reagan County
7C-281360 UNIVKEISHA Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Henry Resources LLC