HNG Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By HNG Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by HNG Oil Company
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Leases Operated by HNG Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-046665 ALMA UNIT Val Verde County
01-054285 CAUTHORN -27- Sutton County
01-054352 MORRISS -61- Sutton County
01-056560 CAUTHORN -17- Sutton County
01-061426 STEWART 1
01-062788 LYSSY RANCH La Salle County
01-064234 STEWART 2
02-034562 MILLER, A. R. Bee County
02-034563 MILLER, A. R. Bee County
02-036079 NORTON PROPERTIES Victoria County
02-036113 CLEMENT, GEO. W., ET AL Jackson County
02-039231 VOSS -B- Bee County
02-040772 JOHNSON, STELLA Goliad County
02-040831 TERRELL -A- Goliad County
02-061396 SHELTON, I. Refugio County
02-062274 SINCLAIR-HUNT Bee County
02-062684 CLEMENT, GEO. W. ET AL Jackson County
02-064340 BOLDT, EDWARD L., ET UX DeWitt County
02-065183 GOHLKE, NAOMI W. GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-070372 MUSSELMAN, ROSE L. Victoria County
03-05854 FRANZEN UNIT Chambers County
03-068470 HANKAMER, E. C. Jefferson County
03-06924 DAVIDSON-GILL UNIT Jefferson County
03-07060 STEWART ET AL Jefferson County
03-080387 TEMPLE Trinity County
03-082067 CHILDRESS, A.W. Trinity County
04-015283 LIMP, MATILDA H. Kleberg County
04-015298 LIMP, MATILDA H. Kleberg County
04-015309 HUFF UNIT Kleberg County
04-037268 DE BENAVIDES, ROSA V., -H- Webb County
04-039736 WATSON, M. M. San Patricio County
04-042242 DRISCOLL-SEVIER Nueces County
04-04629 MORGAN, W. S. Nueces County
04-073805 HEIN UNIT Zapata County
04-075658 MARTINEZ, LAURO Zapata County
04-079777 BRUNI MINERAL TRUST A Zapata County
04-079937 CHAPMAN HEIRS "A" Nueces County
04-080101 MORGAN, W. S. Nueces County
04-083307 HIRSCH, I. ESTATE 517 Webb County
04-083347 BARTLETT, TERRELL EST. Zapata County
04-101876 CHAPMAN HEIRS A Nueces County
04-10231 CHAPMAN HEIRS A Nueces County
04-102442 SULLIVAN HEIN Zapata County
04-10275 CHAPMAN HEIRS "A" Nueces County
04-104699 LAUREL, SERGIO Zapata County
04-107376 DE BENAVIDES, ROSA V. 1107 Webb County
04-112903 GUTIERREZ HEIRS Zapata County
08-077739 ROBERTSON 138 Ward County
08-078183 TEXAS STATE 24 Reeves County
08-078440 HALEY UNIT 19 Winkler County
08-080732 PHILLIPS-TXL "13" Reeves County
08-081316 FELMONT-STATE "16" Reeves County
08-082328 HOOVER-MORRIS 23 Reeves County
08-088826 TEXFEL 103 Ward County
10-101530 ARMSTRONG -20- Wheeler County
10-110636 STANLEY -50- Wheeler County
7B-12754 RYAN Hamilton County
7C-052997 33 ESPY Sutton County
7C-053068 -32- ESPY Sutton County
7C-053074 -46- VANDERSTUCKEN Sutton County
7C-053077 -44- WYATT Sutton County
7C-068132 HICKS -58- Sutton County
7C-068910 PFLUGER 87 Sutton County
7C-069691 VANDERSTUCKEN 21 Sutton County
7C-069891 ESPY 33 Sutton County
7C-070150 VANDERSTUCKER "65" Sutton County
7C-070351 VANDERSTUCKEN 2 Sutton County
7C-070566 JOHNSON -62- Sutton County
7C-078196 PFLUGER 108 Schleicher County
7C-078197 WALLACE 76 Sutton County
7C-078521 WALLACE 64 Sutton County
7C-079887 FIELDS 29 Sutton County
7C-080336 GALBREATH 67 Sutton County
7C-080965 GALBREATH 67 Sutton County
7C-103075 PFLUGER 88 Sutton County
7C-103076 WADE 42 Sutton County
7C-103077 WADE 42 Sutton County
7C-104108 WALLACE 64 Sutton County
7C-105547 RICHARDSON 135 Sutton County
7C-106016 VANDERSTUCKEN 51 Sutton County

Drilling Permits Filed by HNG Oil Company