Howard Exploration, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Howard Exploration, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Howard Exploration, Inc.
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(281) 477-9200

Leases Operated by Howard Exploration, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-08771 DOW Lavaca County
02-08863 DOW Lavaca County
02-10456 VINCIK Jackson County
02-10804 VINCIK, A.R. Jackson County
02-109227 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER GAS UNIT 1 Victoria County
02-11758 VINCIK Jackson County
02-124245 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-134133 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER Victoria County
02-155156 DOW Lavaca County
02-174412 DREYER-LASSMAN-GISLER UNIT Victoria County
02-182007 DOW Lavaca County
02-225644 DICKSON, R. FOUNDATION Lavaca County
02-234322 ROY HANUS Bee County
02-242629 ROY HANUS Bee County
02-243894 HARTZENDORF Bee County
02-246452 DOW Lavaca County
02-250609 DOW Lavaca County
02-262340 VINCIK, A.R. Jackson County
02-266012 VINCIK Jackson County
02-268467 DOW Lavaca County
03-00102 HARRIS, W.C. ET AL Brazoria County
03-11477 GRUBBS Brazoria County
03-12443 PRICE, J. Brazoria County
03-128523 HOUSTON -M- Brazoria County
03-13101 SHARP CORPORATION Brazoria County
03-136098 STANGER, R. S. UNIT Brazoria County
03-138425 HOUSTON "M" Brazoria County
03-138871 MARTIN, ISABEL B. UNIT Brazoria County
03-145820 GRUBBS Brazoria County
03-150204 HOUSTON "M" Brazoria County
03-150500 HOUSTON "M" Brazoria County
03-153932 CLEMENT, H. Brazoria County
03-156472 VICKERS, J. A. FEE Hardin County
03-157389 PRICE, J. Brazoria County
03-160008 HUFFMAN, V. S. Brazoria County
03-161874 PRICE, J. Brazoria County
03-162267 HUFFMAN, V. S. Brazoria County
03-164297 GORDON, TULANE Colorado County
03-168802 HERMAN, A. S. Matagorda County
03-176607 BANFIELD Brazoria County
03-21090 HOUSTON "M" Brazoria County
03-214516 STRUSKA UNIT Colorado County
03-21468 TY-TEX Chambers County
03-21876 GRUBBS Brazoria County
03-22286 BULLARD/STROUHAL Brazoria County
03-22296 BANFIELD Brazoria County
03-22686 GRUBBS Brazoria County
03-226867 MEISMER UNIT Colorado County
03-22902 SHARP CORPORATION Brazoria County
03-23056 HOUSTON "M" Brazoria County
03-23603 HUFFMAN, V. S. Brazoria County
03-23728 ISABEL B. MARTIN UNIT Brazoria County
03-23889 HENRY FLAKE, JR. UNIT Galveston County
03-24022 POWERS Brazoria County
03-24042 PRICE- SPONSEL Brazoria County
03-24077 PRICE-SPONSEL Brazoria County
03-242028 MEISMER UNIT Colorado County
03-24925 BP-VICKERS FEE Hardin County
03-25378 HALLS BAYOU RANCH Galveston County
03-27067 J.A. VICKERS Hardin County
03-271048 J.A. VICKERS Hardin County
03-27221 DUNCAN Matagorda County
03-27272 A.S. HERMAN Matagorda County
03-279075 J.A. VICKERS Hardin County
03-279984 A. S. HERMAN Matagorda County
03-281605 WILSON FAMILY TRUST Wharton County
04-011185 GUERRA, A., JR. NCT-1 Starr County
04-014962 DONEY, L. C., JR., GAS UNIT San Patricio County
04-06424 DONEY, L.C. San Patricio County
04-078747 CHICAGO LAND BANK Nueces County
04-079708 DIETRICH Hidalgo County
04-095058 BLUNTZER, ROBERT D. ET AL Nueces County
04-10290 SCHAWE, L.P. ET AL Duval County
04-12234 HELLEN Jim Hogg County
04-12706 GALLAGHER, D. O. HEIRS Jim Hogg County
04-128748 GUTIERREZ -C- Zapata County
04-12992 GARCIA, A. Duval County
04-13454 BLUNTZER, ROBERT D. ER AL Nueces County
04-271346 STATE OF TEXAS SLICK Starr County
04-274214 STATE OF TEXAS SLICK Starr County

Drilling Permits Filed by Howard Exploration, Inc.