HPC Operating, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By HPC Operating, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by HPC Operating, Inc.
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Leases Operated by HPC Operating, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04593 CARTER, W. L. Frio County
01-04608 SHELTON, HOWARD Frio County
01-04685 MCKINLEY, W.W. Frio County
01-04836 MCKINLEY, LELA Frio County
01-04871 BRACEWELL, FRANK Frio County
01-05204 KEYSTONE RANCH -A- Frio County
01-05255 BOOTH, F. I. -C- Frio County
01-05465 DICKSON, R.D. Frio County
01-05567 BUERGER, LENA Frio County
01-05697 BOOTH, F. I. "D" Frio County
01-05726 SHINER RANCH "A" Frio County
01-05890 FAIRWAY Frio County
01-06001 KEYSTONE Frio County
01-08756 MCKINLEY, W. W. -A- Frio County
01-11457 MCKINLEY, W.W. "C" Frio County
01-12368 LAS VEGAS RANCH Dimmit County
01-12490 BAGBY, J.H. Dimmit County
01-12523 STACY, W.E. & SON Frio County
01-12773 YARBROUGH, T. H. La Salle County
01-13186 MCKINLEY-CARTER UNIT Frio County
01-13324 W. W. MCKINLEY UNIT 1 Frio County
01-13464 BOOTH, F. I. Frio County
01-13547 STACY & SONS ET AL UNIT Frio County
01-13806 SHINER RANCH 101 Frio County
01-13807 SHINER RANCH 8 La Salle County
03-17234 KELLER Brazos County
06-110285 GLADEWATER GAS UNIT #2 Gregg County
06-113891 FONVILLE, F. M. Gregg County
06-120747 WIENER Panola County
06-12217 MOORE, JEMIMA Gregg County
06-129264 GLADEWATER GAS UNIT #2 Gregg County
06-13207 MOORE, J. Gregg County
08-064331 KIMBER GAS UNIT Reeves County
6E-08671 KUTCH, BARBARA SUE Gregg County
7B-070165 COOK, G. F. Coleman County
7B-08459 TINER, J. W. Jones County
7B-14341 SMITH, CLAUDE Jones County
7B-14342 MURFEE, BYRON Jones County
7B-14505 WICKHAM, J.W. Fisher County
7B-15081 CULLERS & BAILEY Jones County
7B-15401 SWANN SAM Jones County
7B-15738 SWANN "A" Jones County
7B-15744 KIMSEARCH J. KERR Jones County
7B-16025 TOUCHSTONE-MABERRY Fisher County
7B-16377 KLEMCKE, L.S. Jones County
7B-17035 CULLERS & BAILEY C. "A" Jones County
7B-19911 SWANN, SAM A. Jones County
7B-23659 DALZIEL Jones County
7B-23853 BAILEY, J.E. Jones County
7B-24558 CULLERS & BAILEY Jones County
7B-24953 JOHNSON Jones County
7B-25514 SWANN A Jones County
8A-62180 KIDD Dawson County
8A-62487 BROWN Dawson County
8A-63937 SNELL, M. L. Dawson County
8A-64183 FUHRMAN, F. H. Dawson County
8A-64806 SNELL, M. L. Dawson County
8A-65971 BRENNAND JR. TRUST Dawson County
8A-67213 BROWN, B. C. Dawson County
8A-67217 HORNE Dawson County
8A-67260 REED, W. G. Dawson County
8A-67298 HAMIL Dawson County
8A-67333 DYER, M.E. Dawson County
8A-67337 SHORTES Dawson County
8A-67355 HAMIL "A" Dawson County
8A-67363 HORNE Dawson County
8A-67435 DYER Dawson County
8A-67535 HAMIL "B" Dawson County
8A-67615 KIDD Dawson County
8A-67616 BROWN, B. C. Dawson County
8A-67617 HAMIL Dawson County
8A-67618 HAMIL "A" Dawson County
8A-67883 HAMIL "C" Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by HPC Operating, Inc.