Hughes, Dan A. Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Hughes, Dan A. Company
Map of Wells Operated by Hughes, Dan A. Company
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Leases Operated by Hughes, Dan A. Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04970 WOOD, ROBERT W. ET AL -A- Medina County
01-09644 SASSER, STUART -A- Atascosa County
01-09792 WISEMAN Atascosa County
01-100192 MCKNIGHT, S. E. -B- Dimmit County
01-10149 SPINACH ELAINE UNIT Zavala County
01-14012 DILWORTH McMullen County
02-08359 CAMERON-LEE Karnes County
02-08855 OEHLKE Bee County
02-08929 HILBRICH-SELLERS "C" Karnes County
02-090954 BYARS, R. H. ET AL Bee County
02-143168 TRACY, ETHEL LEE Victoria County
02-145179 MCKINNEY, J.E. Bee County
02-145787 MCKINNEY, J. E. Bee County
02-197183 SPIELHAGEN, E. R. Bee County
02-197469 HILBRICH-SELLERS GAS UNIT Karnes County
02-198739 HILL - ROSE GAS UNIT Bee County
02-204115 CLAY, NONA Bee County
03-125668 MILLER, ILSE Wharton County
03-149218 STOVALL, GUY F. TRUST Wharton County
03-149968 STOVALL, GUY F. TRUST Wharton County
03-150269 REED, CLEO B. ET AL Wharton County
03-168196 NAISER-STOVALL GAS UNIT Wharton County
04-043993 BEASLEY-CONNEVEY RANCH Webb County
04-043995 GONZALES, DAVID, ET AL -A- Webb County
04-045631 BEASLEY-CONNEVEY RANCH Webb County
04-054199 BEASLEY-CONNEVEY RANCH Webb County
04-055151 BOOTH, W. J. Webb County
04-061522 MEADOR STATE Webb County
04-064464 BEASLEY CONNEVEY RANCH -C- Webb County
04-065793 SCHULZE, HERBERT K. ET AL Nueces County
04-065944 BEASLEY CONNEVEY RANCH -C- Webb County
04-065945 BEASLEY-CONNEVEY RANCH Webb County
04-068148 HINNANT-FULBRIGHT "J" GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-070594 BOOTH, W. V. -A- Webb County
04-07805 MARTINEZ, HOMERO T. Jim Hogg County
04-08584 MURCH, B. L. Starr County
04-10159 FROST, R. A. San Patricio County
04-102627 MEADOR STATE Webb County
04-102628 MEADOR STATE Webb County
04-10484 MARTINEZ, H.T. ETAL 'C' Jim Hogg County
04-107856 MEADOR STATE Webb County
04-109013 BOOTH, W.V. -B- Webb County
04-11089 CANALES, ELG Jim Hogg County
04-110953 SCHULZE, HERBERT K. ET AL Nueces County
04-110954 HINNANT, L. A. "H" ET AL Zapata County
04-11658 MORRIS, ROBERT "A" Jim Hogg County
04-11726 ADAMS, L.M. "D" Jim Hogg County
04-11763 ADAMS, L.M. "E" Webb County
04-11770 YAEGER, R.R. JR ET AL "B" Jim Hogg County
04-120900 OLMITOS RANCH, INC. "C" Webb County
04-12134 FULBRIGHT, J.E. "G" Zapata County
04-121565 BUSENLEHNER UNIT Nueces County
04-12321 SCHULZE, HERBERT K. ET AL Nueces County
04-130477 ADAMS, L.M. Jim Hogg County
04-13304 BERNSEN, SR., LEON R. Nueces County
04-136402 HORSESHOE RANCH INC. Jim Hogg County
04-137325 ADAMS, L. M. "C" Jim Hogg County
04-138080 HELLEN, DANA "A" Jim Hogg County
04-139141 HELLEN, DANA "A" Jim Hogg County
04-151903 LOPEZ, RUFINO & JOSEFA G.U. 4 Jim Hogg County
04-153612 CUELLAR Duval County
04-156515 CUELLAR (NCT II) Duval County
04-157438 GUERRA MINERAL TRUST (NCT-III) Starr County
04-189729 MORSE-FORSTER UNIT Starr County
04-189730 MORSE - FORSTER UNIT Starr County
04-190437 MORSE Starr County
04-190442 MORSE Starr County
04-191141 MORSE Starr County
04-195194 MORSE-FORSTER UNIT Starr County
04-195629 MORSE Starr County
04-195630 MORSE Starr County
04-195823 COATES "B" Hidalgo County
04-201249 MORSE Starr County
04-205374 MORSE Starr County
04-210737 MORSE Starr County
09-200784 BASDEN UNIT Denton County
09-200785 FARMER "A" Denton County
8A-66267 MAYS TRUST Kent County
8A-66354 MAYS TRUST "B" Kent County

Drilling Permits Filed by Hughes, Dan A. Company