Humble Exploration Co., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Humble Exploration Co., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Humble Exploration Co., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Humble Exploration Co., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-06706 ROSETTA Gonzales County
01-06762 REID, GERTRUDE UNIT Gonzales County
01-07010 NELSON, RUTH Gonzales County
01-07090 MEYER, HATTIE Gonzales County
01-07185 NELSON, GLENNA Gonzales County
01-07358 CARNES, EDNA Gonzales County
01-07379 CLARK, DORA Gonzales County
01-07409 REID, ADDISON Gonzales County
01-07465 KUHEN, ZANIE Gonzales County
01-07555 BARBO Gonzales County
01-07636 ARTEMIS Gonzales County
01-07639 PAULINA Gonzales County
01-08028 PARKER, EVELYN UNIT Gonzales County
01-08633 PAULINA Gonzales County
03-085371 CLEOPATRA I UNIT Lee County
03-087466 KIESCHNICK, LINDA Fayette County
03-093116 SOLOMON, THELMA Fayette County
03-094370 SNELL, MARCELLA Lee County
03-095475 MCLEAN, ANGELIQUE Fayette County
03-096903 FRANCIS S. UNIT Fayette County
03-099295 RAE, AUBREY UNIT Fayette County
03-11695 ARCHER UNIT Lee County
03-11888 AVERILLE Lee County
03-11906 MARYANNE Lee County
03-11930 CATHERINE Lee County
03-12000 ARCHER UNIT Lee County
03-12304 JEAN Lee County
03-12387 APHRODITE Lee County
03-12584 MITCHELL, CATHY Washington County
03-12641 JAEHNE, FRANCES Fayette County
03-12762 DIANE, BETH Washington County
03-12776 CARLA Fayette County
03-13028 LAWSON, MARGARET Fayette County
03-13029 LABATT, KATHRYN Fayette County
03-13040 SCHMITZ, MARY ANN Fayette County
03-13041 BOSS Fayette County
03-13042 JOHNS, SUE Fayette County
03-13043 FREYTAG, CLARA Fayette County
03-13044 RICHTER, VLASTA Fayette County
03-13048 FULKERSON, MAE Fayette County
03-13083 VOGT, EVELYN Fayette County
03-13168 JANECKA, JUDY UNIT Fayette County
03-13196 MATTINGLY, MYRTLE E. Fayette County
03-13320 BYLER, ROBBIE Fayette County
03-13359 BROWN, ADDIE LEE UNIT Fayette County
03-13447 JANECKA, JUDY UNIT Fayette County
03-13593 SUZANNE UNIT Fayette County
03-13675 SOLOMON, THELMA UNIT Fayette County
03-13811 OLLE, MARY UNIT Fayette County
03-13812 JOHNSON, GLADYS BROWN UNIT Fayette County
03-13840 CATHLEEN E. UNIT Fayette County
03-13956 ALICE PAULUS Fayette County
03-14145 MILDRED KRAUTZ Fayette County
03-14480 LORETTA HARVEY Fayette County
03-14645 ALICE PAULUS Fayette County
03-14882 THREE SISTERS UNIT Fayette County
03-15319 JACQUENETTA UNIT Washington County
03-15449 ELIZABETH A. UNIT Fayette County
03-15564 HEATHER DAWN UNIT Fayette County
03-15632 SHALIMAR UNIT Lee County
03-15655 MARY COLLIER Fayette County
03-15709 OLIVETTE UNIT Fayette County
03-15836 FRANCIS WITHERS Fayette County
03-15995 IRENE UNIT Fayette County
03-16226 LINDA WICKETT Fayette County
03-20463 NOACK, JOHNNIE Fayette County

Drilling Permits Filed by Humble Exploration Co., Inc.