Humble Oil & Refining Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Humble Oil & Refining Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Humble Oil & Refining Co.
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Leases Operated by Humble Oil & Refining Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000012 KINCAID, E. D. Zavala County
01-00231 FAVOR, HUGH Atascosa County
01-00394 MANN, LEO Atascosa County
01-00742 HENRY SCHORSCH Atascosa County
02-038446 POWELL, G. T. Goliad County
02-043892 SALT CREEK GAS UNIT 1 Live Oak County
02-047306 OBRIEN, J. M. -B- Refugio County
03-004975 BROUSSARD, J. E. A/C 2 Chambers County
03-004985 WHITE, R. M. Chambers County
03-005015 SOUTH ANGLETON GAS UNIT NO. 2 Brazoria County
03-007045 BROUSSARD TRUST Jefferson County
03-008560 TOMBALL GAS UNIT NO. 4 Harris County
03-008589 TOMBALL GAS UNIT NO. 9 Harris County
03-008613 TRINITY BAY STATE UNIT #1 Chambers County
03-008614 TRINITY BAY STATE UNIT NO. 1 Chambers County
03-01012 CONROE TOWNSITE OIL UNIT #144 Montgomery County
03-01016 CONROE TOWNSITE OIL UNIT 151 Montgomery County
03-03528 PAINE, ROBERT G. Austin County
03-03529 REESE, E
03-03533 SHERROD, LUTHER R. Austin County
03-03534 THOMPSON, R. W. Austin County
03-03538 WILSON, OLLIE Austin County
03-036238 PRUITT, MINNIE, MRS., FEE Liberty County
03-039615 OLCOTT GAS UNIT #1 Harris County
03-039925 GALVESTON BAY STATE -A- Chambers County
03-040116 GIBBS BROS. & CO. Walker County
03-040292 KATY GAS FLD. CONS. UNIT Waller County
03-04061 DEATHERAGE S. G. Fort Bend County
03-040675 HOIDALE, P. A. A/C 1 Galveston County
03-08183 RACCOON BEND OIL UNIT 8 Austin County
03-08672 AMELIA OIL UNIT #28 Jefferson County
03-08683 WOHLFERT, W. M. Jefferson County
03-09134 BENNETT OIL & GAS CO. Brazoria County
03-09460 WEST PRODUCTION CO. A/C #3 Harris County
03-09522 HUMBLE-WEST FEE -B- A/C #1 Harris County
04-012581 KLEBERG,RJ,JR.TR.LOS MUERTOS PAS Brooks County
04-013506 KING RANCH-STRATTON Jim Wells County
04-013515 KING RANCH - STRATTON Kleberg County
04-013655 KING RANCH STRATTON Jim Wells County
04-01386 MCGILL BROS.
04-013867 SHEPPERD, W. K., ESTATE OF Hidalgo County
04-037876 MONTALVO, N. R. Starr County
04-038123 EAST KELSEY GAS UNIT NO. 2 Brooks County
04-038988 MCGILL BROS. Brooks County
04-038991 GUERRA, LAZARO M. Starr County
04-039001 MCGILL BROS. Starr County
04-039007 MCGILL BROS. Starr County
04-045369 SARITA FLD. OIL & GAS UNIT Kenedy County
04-045583 MCGILL BROS. Brooks County
04-047003 EAST, S.K. Kenedy County
04-047540 SARITA FIELD OIL & GAS UNIT Kenedy County
04-048301 ARMSTRONG, CHARLES M. Kenedy County
04-048907 EAST, S.K. Kenedy County
04-049221 SARITA FIELD OIL & GAS UNIT Kenedy County
06-016000 DOUGLAS GAS UNIT #6 Nacogdoches County
06-016082 LYNCH, G. B. Wood County
06-016091 PARRISH, W. R. Wood County
06-016434 TAYLOR, FRANK E. Houston County
06-016485 PONE GAS UNIT #1 Rusk County
06-016486 PONE G. U. #2 Rusk County
06-016487 /FEARS, J. H./ PONE GAS UNIT 4 Rusk County
08-06611 FLOYD "F"
08-06614 FLOYD "I"
08-06615 FLOYD "J"
08-08817 COWDEN, R.B. "F" Ector County
08-09857 STATE UNIVERSITY -AP- Andrews County
08-13741 SIEBER, E. HAYES Loving County
6E-07020 SILVEY, J.H. "B"
7B-018409 GRAHAM, E. L. Taylor County
7B-01873 TINDALL J. E. Fisher County
7B-02193 C. G. BURSON Haskell County
7B-02678 GRAVES, ROZILLA Jones County
7B-02679 HORTON, RILEY Jones County
7C-01516 GIDDINGS EST. FEE Upton County
7C-01528 MALONE, CYNTHIA -C- Reagan County
7C-018752 NORTH BRANCH GAS UNIT Sutton County
7C-018921 BROOKS, ANNIE MAY Schleicher County
7C-018953 MCELROY RANCH CO. -B- Upton County
7C-019179 LLOYD, STELLA Sutton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Humble Oil & Refining Co.