Independence Resources MGMT, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Independence Resources MGMT, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Independence Resources MGMT, LLC
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HOUSTON, TX 77070-1445

(832) 916-2300

Leases Operated by Independence Resources MGMT, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-30239 SUGG, JOEL D. -A- Sterling County
08-31266 SUGG -B- Sterling County
08-31435 PFLUGER -A- Sterling County
08-31472 BAILEY -10- Sterling County
08-31478 BAILEY -32- Sterling County
08-31490 BAILEY -12- Sterling County
08-31497 SUGG "A" Sterling County
08-31875 BAILEY -16- Sterling County
08-31963 SUGG -D- Sterling County
08-32995 BAILEY '32' Sterling County
08-33184 FERGUSON BROTHERS Sterling County
08-33298 SUGG -AA- Sterling County
08-35665 PFLUGER "A" Sterling County
08-35748 SUGG BB -A- Sterling County
08-35777 BAILEY -32- A Sterling County
08-36793 TERRY, I.W. Sterling County
08-36998 SUGG -B- Sterling County
08-37075 TERRY, I.W. Sterling County
08-37168 GLASS, D. L. Sterling County
08-37314 BAILEY -10- Sterling County
08-37315 SUGG "AA" Sterling County
08-37316 SUGG "BB" Sterling County
08-37329 BAILEY -12- Sterling County
08-37356 PFLUGER B Tom Green County
08-37423 PFLUGER G Irion County
08-37485 BAILEY -32- Sterling County
08-37489 BAILEY -16- Sterling County
08-37490 PFLUGER -C- Irion County
08-37526 PFLUGER -F- Irion County
08-37528 SUGG -E- Sterling County
08-37551 COPE, R.L. Sterling County
08-37933 PFLUGER "D" Tom Green County
08-38763 MIDKIFF Midland County
08-39199 ESTELLE COUNCIL "70" Reagan County
08-39415 COPE-BODINE Reagan County
08-40025 WHITTENBURG Ector County
08-40182 CHIVAS REGAL Ector County
08-40195 TERRY, I. W. "A" Glasscock County
08-40265 PEARL JAM Midland County
08-40593 WATSON, J. E. Glasscock County
08-40748 MUNN Ector County
08-40900 MCRAE FARM Ector County
08-41932 CLARK Ector County
08-41952 LEVERETT Midland County
08-41977 DOOLEY, B. F. Glasscock County
08-42312 GARDENDALE '2' Ector County
08-42695 COPE,R.L. Sterling County
08-42696 TERRY, I.W. Sterling County
08-43017 MCRAE FARM 2 Ector County
08-43797 CRAVEN, P.L. Glasscock County
08-45041 DOOLEY, B. F. Glasscock County
08-45481 MUNN-CLARK Ector County
08-45554 WATSON, J. E. A Sterling County
08-45666 TERRY, I. W. Glasscock County
08-46074 GLASS, D. L. Sterling County
08-46660 J. E. WATSON Sterling County
08-48843 BARBEE Reagan County
08-49960 HAAG HZ UNIT Midland County
7C-12340 PFLUGER "E" Irion County
7C-12341 PFLUGER "B" Tom Green County
7C-12342 SUGG "E" Irion County
7C-12424 PFLUGER "C" Irion County
7C-12481 PFLUGER "D" Irion County
7C-12573 PFLUGER "N" Tom Green County
7C-12594 PFLUGER "G" Irion County
7C-12687 SUGG "F" Irion County
7C-12730 CLARK "11" Irion County
7C-12769 CLARK Irion County
7C-12925 CLARK -A- Irion County
7C-13206 SUGG "G" Sterling County
7C-13223 JACKSON Tom Green County
7C-13233 PFLUGER "G" Irion County
7C-13341 PFLUGER "F" Irion County
7C-13497 PFLUGER H Irion County
7C-13707 PFLUGER, "J" Irion County
7C-18238 ESTELLE COUNCIL -70- Reagan County
7C-19757 PFLUGER D 5 Tom Green County
7C-20053 PFLUGER B 1 Tom Green County
7C-20054 PFLUGER D 4 Tom Green County
7C-277661 PFLUGER "E" Irion County

Drilling Permits Filed by Independence Resources MGMT, LLC