Intercoastal Gas Exploration Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Intercoastal Gas Exploration
Map of Wells Operated by Intercoastal Gas Exploration
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Leases Operated by Intercoastal Gas Exploration

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00525 CARTER, E. L. Guadalupe County
01-02150 APPLING, COLLIE Guadalupe County
01-03809 ROSS, A. Guadalupe County
01-03874 TILLEY, DOYLE R. "A" Guadalupe County
01-03895 THOMAS & WHITTINGTON Caldwell County
01-04003 CRENSHAW 27 AC. Caldwell County
01-04005 COBB Caldwell County
01-04027 CRENSHAW 37 AC. Caldwell County
01-04508 BIRY, FRANK -H- Medina County
01-04583 WEISSLER, A. C. Medina County
01-06233 CARTER, E.L. B Guadalupe County
01-13622 APPLING, C.O. ESTATE Guadalupe County
03-03138 MEIER, PAUL Fort Bend County
03-053813 STAFFORD, CARRIE Colorado County
03-077325 BRENT, C. L. UNIT Polk County
03-15633 SIEGERT, B.H. UNIT Brazos County
03-17807 CLAMON Polk County

Drilling Permits Filed by Intercoastal Gas Exploration