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Leases Operated by J & J Services Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-01248 GILLASPY "A" Sterling County
08-18892 MCENTIRE, E. F. Sterling County
08-19863 REED, W. N. Sterling County
08-19905 MCENTIRE, E. F. Sterling County
08-19972 GILLASPY "C" Sterling County
08-20224 GILLASPY "E" Sterling County
08-20288 GILLASPY "D" Sterling County
08-25656 MCCABE Mitchell County
08-28913 MCCABE -B- Mitchell County
08-28972 MCCABE -A- Mitchell County
08-28980 HENDRY Mitchell County
7C-019365 STANSBERRY, R. L. Schleicher County
7C-02297 MCCORD, J. P. Runnels County
7C-03504 LINDLEY, HENRY Irion County
7C-03573 CARTER, R. L. Concho County
7C-03602 CARTER, R. L."A" Concho County
7C-06487 CARTER, R. L. Concho County
7C-06493 CARTER, R. L. -B- Concho County
7C-06855 MCCORD Runnels County
7C-06902 FARMER -56- Irion County
7C-06991 SKELLY-SUGG "45" Irion County
7C-07146 ALLEN, RUFUS Runnels County
7C-07207 FARMER -57- Irion County
7C-07274 ALLEN, RUFUS "B" Runnels County
7C-07275 ALLEN, RUFUS "C" Runnels County
7C-07352 ALLEN, RUFUS "B" Runnels County
7C-07373 FARMER "44" Irion County
7C-07463 FARMER "55" Irion County
7C-07480 WILSON Tom Green County
7C-07732 ALLEN, RUFUS "C" Runnels County
7C-07779 FARMAR "44-10" Irion County
7C-079317 COX "60" Irion County
7C-08089 FARMER "43-10" Irion County
7C-08149 FARMAR "45-10" Irion County
7C-081562 COX "18" Irion County
7C-081685 COX "18" Irion County
7C-08183 ALLEN, RUFUS -B- Runnels County
7C-081837 WINTERBOTHAM "M" Irion County
7C-08838 BOYER CURRY & SEALS "D" Tom Green County
7C-09216 ALLEN, RUFUS "E" Runnels County
7C-09275 BOYER, CURRY,& SEALS "A" Tom Green County
7C-093360 TAYLOR, VEDA McCulloch County
7C-09369 MCASHAN "B" Schleicher County
7C-094196 TAYLOR McCulloch County
7C-094313 WEST Sutton County
7C-094680 WEST Sutton County
7C-10077 ALLEN, RUFUS "C" Runnels County
7C-10180 CALDWELL Tom Green County
7C-10946 BLEAKLEY Tom Green County
7C-11040 PARKS "D" Irion County
7C-11154 SULTEMEIER Concho County
7C-11213 CITIES SERVICE Crockett County
7C-11217 SULTEMEIER, OTTO Concho County
7C-11539 OZARK-LINDLEY "59" Irion County
7C-116012 UPTON "A" Tom Green County
7C-11609 ELLIS, C. M. Concho County
7C-11788 HALFMANN, ALEX "C" Tom Green County
7C-11888 ALLEN, RUFUS Runnels County
7C-12155 THOMSON, C. H. "6" Irion County
7C-123091 WEISHUHN, J. Tom Green County
7C-12512 UNIVERSITY 43-4 Reagan County
7C-13110 WEST PATE Tom Green County
7C-13269 LANGE, A. K. Irion County
7C-13288 HOLIK Tom Green County
7C-139624 MUNN "1123" Tom Green County
7C-14772 WINTERBOTHAM -D- Irion County
7C-14822 WEISHUHN UNIT Tom Green County
7C-15064 TURNER RANCH #44 Tom Green County
7C-150888 CROWN Coke County
7C-15254 LINDLEY "C" Irion County
7C-15353 NITRAM-POPE Concho County
7C-154893 CANNING "A" Concho County
7C-15503 DANIEL Concho County
7C-156323 NOELKE Irion County
7C-16049 ELLIS, C. M. Concho County
7C-16181 UPTON Tom Green County
7C-16943 UPTON, H. C. Schleicher County
7C-170881 KONETA FAYE Concho County
7C-218571 UPTON, H. C. Schleicher County
7C-225762 NITRAM - POPE Concho County

Drilling Permits Filed by J & J Services Company