J & M Well Salvage Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By J & M Well Salvage Company
Map of Wells Operated by J & M Well Salvage Company
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P O BOX 387

Leases Operated by J & M Well Salvage Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-07424 KEITH Frio County
01-07843 RAMOS, J. Frio County
01-09265 MILLER-MILLER UNIT Gonzales County
01-12681 RICHARD EHRIG UNIT Gonzales County
01-12967 LEGACY-REYNAUD-MORRIS Frio County
02-07521 TREYBIG, NORA MAE Karnes County
02-149602 POULIOT, JULIA M. Bee County
03-093162 NORTON "B" Burleson County
03-095599 SMITH M UNIT Brazos County
03-104198 CORRIE Madison County
03-106022 ACOM, O.H. Jefferson County
03-107536 BAKER, W.L. Madison County
03-125816 SMITH M Brazos County
03-127429 FRERICH Bastrop County
03-131158 SMITH M Brazos County
03-16317 GREEN, GEORGE Brazos County
03-16977 MOTHER PLUMLEE Brazos County
03-17564 MUNNY Brazos County
03-19684 PETZOLD Bastrop County
03-19898 COOK "C" Bastrop County
03-22431 MCDONALD - LORI Brazos County
04-067660 SMITH GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-116493 VERGARA 1679 Webb County
04-119841 VERGARA 1674 Webb County
05-03066 WILSON Leon County
05-03135 MAJESTIC-COOPER "A" UNIT Leon County
05-03318 LUNDY, M.L. #4 Houston County
05-132318 SHAW, H. Leon County
05-132369 BENTZ-GRAGG Leon County
05-134405 JONES-JOHNSON Leon County
05-134407 LIPPS-JOHNSON Leon County
05-138987 TABER-HONSINGER Leon County
05-141239 LEON PLANTATION Leon County
05-144007 BERNSTEIN-HONSINGER Leon County
05-146418 SLAVIN - HARROD Leon County
7C-062931 MAYER, EDWIN S., JR. -G- Sutton County
7C-065145 MAYER, EDWIN S., JR. -J- Sutton County
7C-071687 WHITWORTH, C. O. Edwards County
7C-072589 PETERSON, H & C Edwards County
7C-137121 ASKEW, GUY Sutton County
7C-139557 JENKINS, F. J. "C" Edwards County

Drilling Permits Filed by J & M Well Salvage Company