J-W Operating Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By J-W Operating Co.
Map of Wells Operated by J-W Operating Co.
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Leases Operated by J-W Operating Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-03647 SOCAUSKY/T-BAR-X Robertson County
05-03658 PAULSEN/TBAR-X Robertson County
06-10786 JACKSON Smith County
06-11330 MCFARLIN, P. V. Smith County
06-11586 ROBERTS Smith County
06-11587 OLIVER OIL UNIT Smith County
06-13584 MCFARLIN, P V Smith County
06-13727 HOPPER, BRADIE O. Smith County
06-138409 GILBERT, LOY Smith County
06-141668 NEWTON, W.F. Smith County
06-219293 MAYNARD, A. Smith County
06-220826 MAYNARD, A. Smith County
06-224247 SWINNEY Smith County
06-243955 TUTTLE, A. J. Gregg County
06-255954 LONGVIEW NORTH GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-264520 WILLIAMS GU Gregg County
09-167494 POTTER "A" Wise County
09-206001 ARNOLD Denton County
09-206285 BLAIR Denton County
09-206728 GILPIN Johnson County
09-209314 HARDEMAN/SAVOIE Denton County
09-212660 AMBROSE Johnson County
09-213200 GIBBS, HOWARD Denton County
09-213345 GIBBS, HOMER Denton County
09-214618 ATLAS, MILDRED Johnson County
09-214898 BROWNLEE Johnson County
09-215620 MARTIN, J. L. Johnson County
09-215660 MARTIN, J. L. Johnson County
09-218590 BROWNLEE Johnson County
09-224766 GIBBS UNIT Denton County
09-224851 GIBBS UNIT Denton County
09-225173 TALLEY, ONETA Denton County
09-225994 YOUNG Denton County
09-225997 GIBBS/CROCKETT Denton County
09-226717 GIBBS, HOMER Denton County
09-226719 GIBBS, HOWARD Denton County
09-228191 POTTER, H. M. GAS UNIT Wise County
09-228193 GIBBS, HOWARD Denton County
09-228194 TCU Johnson County
09-229361 GILPIN Johnson County
09-230896 CROCKETT Denton County
09-231515 MC CUTCHIN Denton County
09-231517 MERRITT, HOWARD Denton County
09-231693 CROCKETT Denton County
09-232426 MERRITT, HOWARD Denton County
09-235356 POTTER A Wise County
09-236184 GIBBS UNIT Denton County
09-236922 ARNOLD-TALLEY GAS UNIT Denton County
09-236963 FAVOR-WHITEHALL Denton County
09-237515 MCRAE Denton County
09-238664 SILKEN Johnson County
09-238665 ARNOLD-TALLEY GAS UNIT Denton County
09-238668 MCRAE Denton County
09-238672 MERRELL GAS UNIT Denton County
09-238680 SILKEN Johnson County
09-238825 GIBBS, HOMER Denton County
09-238828 MERRELL GAS UNIT Denton County
09-239927 DOWNE GAS UNIT Denton County
09-239928 DOWNE GAS UNIT Denton County
09-239930 MCRAE Denton County
09-240120 ARNOLD-TALLEY Denton County
09-240632 SILKEN Johnson County
09-240634 STRICKLAND Wise County
09-241129 POTTER, H. M. GAS UNIT Wise County
09-241133 SILKEN Johnson County
09-241135 SILKEN Johnson County
09-243134 MCRAE Denton County
09-243828 POTTER, H. M. GAS UNIT Denton County
09-244082 MCRAE Denton County
09-244083 MCRAE Denton County
09-244084 MCRAE Denton County
09-244361 DUNN-JACKSON UNIT Denton County
09-248523 CLARA DUNN UNIT Denton County
09-248525 HAMMACK - WILLIAMS Denton County
09-249628 MERRELL GAS UNIT Denton County
09-249631 ARNOLD-TALLEY Denton County
09-249655 HAMMACK - WILLIAMS Denton County
09-250441 DUNN-JACKSON UNIT Denton County
09-251832 GIBBS UNIT Denton County
09-275767 MCRAE Denton County

Drilling Permits Filed by J-W Operating Co.