Jla Resources Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Jla Resources Company
Map of Wells Operated by Jla Resources Company
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TYLER, TX 75701

Leases Operated by Jla Resources Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-01708 COLDIRON, FRANK Leon County
05-01756 HEIL, H. H. Leon County
05-01758 WATERS-PERRY ET AL OIL UNIT Leon County
06-10449 VICKERY, MAJOR Anderson County
06-13252 TILLMAN Anderson County
06-13620 MCFARLAND TRUSTEE ET AL Anderson County
06-13622 TEMPLE INLAND Anderson County
06-13657 TEMPLE INLAND Anderson County
06-13693 TEMPLE INLAND Anderson County
06-13732 THORNTON Anderson County
06-13773 MCFARLAND TRUST Anderson County
06-13814 RUTHERFORD Anderson County
06-13856 BROWN Anderson County
06-13881 TEMPLE INLAND Anderson County
06-13884 MCFARLAND TRUST Anderson County
06-13888 MATHIS Anderson County
06-13969 COMPASS-MOORE Anderson County
06-14132 MCFARLAND TRUST Anderson County
06-14134 THORNTON Anderson County
06-14226 MATHIS Anderson County
06-15409 CHP UNIT Anderson County
06-15558 THORNTON Anderson County
06-179184 BROWN Anderson County
09-19741 MCFADDIN RANCH ALPHA 74 Knox County
09-19924 WARD, MAMIE MCFADDIN -A- Knox County
09-20707 MCFADDIN RANCH "A" Knox County
09-21477 FARMER, ANNA BETH Knox County
09-21581 MCFADDIN RANCH "D" Knox County
09-21632 MCFADDIN RANCH "C" Knox County
09-21761 LOGAN, NEAL Knox County
09-32639 ELLIS RANCH Knox County
09-33222 ELLIS RANCH Knox County
7B-27591 JONES, T. Jones County
7C-13789 WILKS Coke County
8A-13183 DAVIS, JAMES R. JR. ET AL Garza County
8A-67325 MILLER Garza County
8A-67694 CAMERON JUSTICE Garza County
8A-67894 DAVIS, ET AL Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Jla Resources Company