K & W Vanpelt Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By K & W Vanpelt Company
Map of Wells Operated by K & W Vanpelt Company
Contact Information
Company Name:

PO BOX 6546
ABILENE, TX 79608-6546

Leases Operated by K & W Vanpelt Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-16818 PRIDEAUX,R. B. -A- Archer County
09-28949 PRIDEAUX WEST Archer County
7B-00251 TABOR, JASPER D. Brown County
7B-00301 TURNER, JOE Brown County
7B-00302 WEEDON, JOE Brown County
7B-00322 CROCKETT, J. E. Callahan County
7B-00362 EDINGTON, R. E. Callahan County
7B-00372 EUBANK, R. O. Callahan County
7B-00465 FRANKE, WM. Callahan County
7B-00868 WILDER, C. H. Coleman County
7B-00917 NORRIS, H. O. Coleman County
7B-00993 WALLACE, CAMILLE H. Coleman County
7B-01089 EUBANKS -A- Coleman County
7B-01094 NORRIS, H. O. Coleman County
7B-01257 TABOR, J. W. Coleman County
7B-018199 WATSON, T. C. Coleman County
7B-020990 MOSELEY, C. M., -E- Coleman County
7B-032252 STONE -A- Coleman County
7B-043556 CLARK, JEAN Brown County
7B-043557 CLARK, JEAN Brown County
7B-043558 CLARK, JEAN Brown County
7B-065251 WINDHAM,J.H. Brown County
7B-07167 HOLT, DUANE C. Coleman County
7B-081209 JIMMIE WINDHAM ET AL Brown County
7B-09207 BROWN, SHIELDS Coleman County
7B-09349 LEWIS Brown County
7B-094998 BERTRAND, O. C. Coleman County
7B-108952 BOWERS, D L "C" Brown County
7B-11897 JONES-BURROUGHS Brown County
7B-125885 NORRIS, H. O. Coleman County
7B-13072 EDINGTON "A" Callahan County
7B-130841 HARRIS,JOHN W. Coleman County
7B-13272 NORRIS, H.O. Coleman County
7B-14640 BOWERS, D.L. -A- Brown County
7B-16457 HATHCOCK Brown County
7B-165536 CLARK, JEAN Brown County
7B-17695 BOWERS, D.L. "A" Brown County
7B-18106 BERTRAND, O. C. Coleman County
7B-20053 JONES & BURROUGHS Brown County
7B-20889 JOHNSON, CALVIN E. Brown County
7B-22440 BOWERS, DALTON L. Brown County
7B-23669 BOWERS, D.L. "A" Brown County
7B-23670 BOWERS, D.L. "B" Brown County
7B-24484 WEEDON, JOE "A" Brown County
7B-24644 SAGE-BOWERS Brown County
7B-25166 LEWIS-MURPHEE Brown County
7B-25272 HOLT, W.F. Coleman County
7B-26909 STOCKTON, LOY Taylor County
7B-27306 WINDHAM, JIMMIE ET AL Brown County
7B-27519 NORRIS, H.O. Coleman County
7B-28563 NORRIS, H.O. Coleman County
7C-11603 LEHMAN, H. G. Runnels County
7C-11829 LEHMAN, H. F. "D" Runnels County

Drilling Permits Filed by K & W Vanpelt Company