Kaiser-Francis Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Kaiser-Francis Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Kaiser-Francis Oil Company
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TULSA, OK 74121-1468

(918) 494-0000

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Leases Operated by Kaiser-Francis Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-035629 SWEENEY GAS UNIT #1 Harris County
03-13421 RYAN-ALLISON-BOWMAN Brazoria County
03-140785 HAMILL ESTATE Harris County
03-155954 HAMILL ESTATE Harris County
03-157019 BUSCH GAS UNIT O/A Harris County
03-157737 DAVIS, WIRT Polk County
03-16126 DAVIS, ELSIE F. TRUSTEE Brazoria County
03-179756 SWEENEY GU #2 Harris County
03-186889 SWEENEY GAS UNIT #1 Harris County
03-194634 FUCIK, GEORGE F. Wharton County
03-196049 KUBALA Wharton County
03-244592 RIOUX Wharton County
03-261188 BLACK STONE MINERALS Polk County
03-263342 MIL-VID Orange County
03-27134 ELM BAYOU UNIT Chambers County
04-157769 WOOD "A" Starr County
05-066679 HULLUM HEIRS GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-090291 BATY, L. E. Freestone County
06-113300 GARRETT, ARCHIE GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-143625 MONNIG "B" Anderson County
06-175471 BRIGHT, N. G. GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-180826 PATE "A" Shelby County
06-197142 STANLEY, C.H. GAS UNIT Anderson County
08-062759 T.A.S. MOBIL STATE Pecos County
08-076230 ELSINORE CATTLE COMPANY Pecos County
08-12655 JONES, LETA Andrews County
08-18632 KING, E. F. Andrews County
08-20403 IVERSON, K. Andrews County
08-21541 ELAINE Andrews County
08-25016 DICKENSON Martin County
08-25080 LINDSEY ESTATE Martin County
08-25089 STIMSON Martin County
08-25326 EPLEY -31- Martin County
08-25736 PETERS-3- Martin County
08-25860 HERZOG -A- Martin County
08-26483 BLOCKER -A- Martin County
08-26492 BLOCKER -B- Martin County
08-35073 LINEBERRY(SAN ANDRES CF UNIT) Andrews County
08-35074 UNIVERSITY "31-W" Ward County
08-35221 GROGAN (SAN ANDRES&CF)UNIT Andrews County
08-35780 UNIVERSITY 31E Ward County
09-19322 ROSE Cooke County
10-022274 KILLEBREW Roberts County
10-04315 ELRICK Roberts County
10-04621 HALL, VERNON B. Wheeler County
10-066654 FLOWERS, LOIS Hemphill County
10-072549 BRONCO CREEK Wheeler County
10-07672 BARKER Wheeler County
10-079999 FILLINGIN-TEAS Hemphill County
10-09263 JONES 344 Lipscomb County
10-111510 LOHBERGER Hemphill County
10-121148 PALMER-ALLISON Hemphill County
10-121179 DETRIXHE Hemphill County
10-126797 RENNER Sherman County
10-164762 JONES Lipscomb County
10-164776 URSCHEL A Hemphill County
10-173065 SANSING, ROY Lipscomb County
10-205008 FILLINGIM-TEAS 87 Hemphill County
10-209522 OLLIE SCOTT 336 Lipscomb County
10-209523 WHEELER 369 Lipscomb County
10-211934 WHEELER 369 Lipscomb County
10-214192 BOWERS D Hemphill County
10-216445 BOWERS D Hemphill County
10-218207 WHEELER 369 Lipscomb County
10-221222 MOORE-STATE Wheeler County
10-227661 BLUEBIRD RANCH Wheeler County
10-229599 ELMCREEK RANCH Hemphill County
10-231411 ZYBACH Wheeler County
10-250880 A.W. BURRELL Wheeler County
7B-16778 THORNBURG Nolan County
7B-16936 MITCHELL, W.L. Jones County
7C-02832 STEWART, J. R. Upton County
7C-04681 AMERICAN LEGION Reagan County
7C-08890 MEINER "A" Upton County
7C-144255 MITCHELL #329-1 Terrell County
7C-15362 POE, CLIFFORD Runnels County
7C-15896 ARCO-UPTON Upton County
8A-60897 MARATHON Gaines County
8A-60898 MARATHON "A" Gaines County
8A-65531 WEBB Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Kaiser-Francis Oil Company