Key Production Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Key Production Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Key Production Co.
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Leases Operated by Key Production Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-150690 ROBERTS, J. B. Limestone County
05-151304 ROBERTS, J.B. Limestone County
06-015909 ROYALL & CONE -D- Anderson County
06-016109 ELLIS ESTATE Rusk County
06-016136 ELLIS ESTATE Rusk County
06-016191 TEXAS STATE LANDS A-1 Shelby County
06-016205 PICKERING 'B' Shelby County
06-016210 REED, J. V. Shelby County
06-016211 TEXAS CO., THE Shelby County
06-016517 BLALOCK, G. A. Wood County
06-020838 HORTON, TOBY G.U. 1 Gregg County
06-020839 AKIN-ROSS Gregg County
06-02875 BLALOCK, G. A. Wood County
06-029736 MOTLEY, LUKE UNIT Panola County
06-037546 BROOKS, D. Shelby County
06-05134 BRUCE, R. O. Wood County
06-05241 PUCKETT Wood County
06-05282 GRICE, W. W., ESTATE -A- Wood County
06-05410 MABERRY, GLADYS Wood County
06-05442 SMITH, D. F. Upshur County
06-073537 COCKRELL Panola County
06-073709 DEAN Shelby County
06-073710 HOLSEY, J. W. Panola County
06-073711 MASSEY Panola County
06-073712 RICHARDSON, E. A. Panola County
06-073713 SHOLAR Shelby County
06-076950 MOTLEY, LUKE UNIT Panola County
06-081516 SKIPPER, L.N. Harrison County
06-082868 KYLE UNIT Panola County
06-083075 LOEFFLER UNIT Panola County
06-088655 WHIDDON UNIT Panola County
06-092451 CHILDRESS, CHARLES ET AL Shelby County
06-093714 BALDWIN-HART UNIT Panola County
06-096682 TAYLOR, W. M. Shelby County
06-098067 LOEFFLER UNIT Panola County
06-100852 AKIN-ROSS Gregg County
06-101214 BRIDGES, W. T. Panola County
06-101747 TAYLOR, D. R. HEIRS Shelby County
06-10224 TYLER STATE PARK "C" Smith County
06-102640 CHILDRESS, ED HEIRS Shelby County
06-103901 MOTLEY, LUKE UNIT Panola County
06-10426 SEARCY, JOHN Panola County
06-104621 RUSHING UNIT Shelby County
06-104961 ROWE HEIRS Panola County
06-106644 LOWE, E.L. ET AL Shelby County
06-107888 BROOKS, ET AL Shelby County
06-109185 CHILDRESS, ED HEIRS Shelby County
06-11649 GRICE, W. W. Wood County
06-116788 BRUCE Harrison County
06-11714 TAYLOR, PINKIE Wood County
06-117334 WALTERS, RUTH Rusk County
06-11810 BLALOCK, G. A. Wood County
06-11838 LOEFFLER UNIT Panola County
06-118445 POPE, BEN ET AL Harrison County
06-12039 BLALOCK, G. A. Wood County
06-12093 TAYLOR, PINKIE Wood County
06-121174 BROOKS ET AL Shelby County
06-122015 LOWE, E.L. ET AL Shelby County
06-12210 TAYLOR, E. J. Wood County
06-123023 TAYLOR, D.R. Shelby County
06-12415 KRALJ, N. Smith County
06-12436 PAPAZIAN, J. A. ET AL Wood County
06-12528 ADAMS-MATTHEWS Wood County
06-12723 HITTS LAKE OIL UNIT Smith County
06-12766 TYLER STATE PARK "C" Smith County
06-129358 MONNIG, J.O. & HUGO Anderson County
06-131559 CHILDRESS, W. B. Shelby County
06-13307 LANE CHAPEL (PALUXY B SAND) UNIT Smith County
06-133535 ROOSTH & GENECOV "A" Smith County
06-133626 TAYLOR, W. M. Shelby County
06-143776 LOWE, E. L. ET AL Shelby County
06-147766 FENTON "A" Upshur County
06-149082 MOTLEY, LUKE Panola County
6E-06412 BOLTON Gregg County
6E-07890 MCELROY Rusk County
6E-08279 FREE, J. W. Gregg County
6E-08475 ALEXANDER, J. H. Gregg County
6E-08476 ALEXANDER Gregg County
6E-08494 TUBBS Gregg County
6E-08717 SKIPPER-GARNER Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by Key Production Co.