King Energy Resources Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By King Energy Resources
Map of Wells Operated by King Energy Resources
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P O BOX 291963


Leases Operated by King Energy Resources

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-12486 SHINER-MORALES Frio County
08-064973 FOSTER 18 Sterling County
08-09129 RICHARDSON -B- Howard County
08-095314 FOSTER 18 Sterling County
08-149108 FOSTER 18 Sterling County
08-15584 CURRIE, S. C. Glasscock County
08-16653 TXL, CURRIE, NOLAN, & SHAEFFER Glasscock County
08-173387 EDWARDS Glasscock County
08-18053 CURRIE, S. C. Glasscock County
08-182124 EDWARDS Glasscock County
08-182141 COX, J. Glasscock County
08-18333 GLASS Sterling County
08-18762 GLASS Sterling County
08-19087 GLASS -A- Sterling County
08-19303 GLASS -A- Sterling County
08-20460 GLASS -B- Sterling County
08-21061 GLASS -B- Sterling County
08-21156 COLE, EVA Glasscock County
08-24609 EDWARDS Glasscock County
08-25529 EDWARDS Glasscock County
08-25609 MCDOWELL, L. S. ESTATE Glasscock County
08-25910 MCDOWELL, L. S. -32- Glasscock County
08-26421 CURRIE Glasscock County
08-26801 GLASS -X- Glasscock County
08-26949 GRIGSBY Glasscock County
08-27001 POGO-GRIGSBY Glasscock County
08-27467 POGO-GLASS Glasscock County
08-283116 FLINT Sterling County
08-283117 POGO-GRIGSBY Glasscock County
08-283118 POGO-GRIGSBY Glasscock County
08-283153 FLINT Sterling County
08-28716 HORWOOD Sterling County
08-29367 FLINT Sterling County
08-30172 WILDHORSE Howard County
08-32738 J. COX Glasscock County
08-33776 BCK Glasscock County
08-35679 CURRIE Glasscock County
08-36803 TXL, CURRIE NOLAN & SHAEFFER Glasscock County
08-40228 GLASS Sterling County
08-40229 GLASS -A- Sterling County
08-40231 GLASS -A- Sterling County
08-40633 COLE, EVA Glasscock County
7B-068729 BARR JONNIE Coleman County
7B-070640 CLARA ODESSA Coleman County
7B-070641 CLARA ODESSA Coleman County
7B-08590 DYER, JAMES "A" Shackelford County
7B-103280 TATOM, R. N. Callahan County
7B-103336 BLACKWELL Eastland County
7B-103414 ALEXANDER,N. Coleman County
7B-105055 FOSTER, NATHAN S. Callahan County
7B-105627 POPE Callahan County
7B-107133 FOSTER, STEVE Callahan County
7B-108263 CARTER T. A Callahan County
7B-109102 BLACKWELL "B" Eastland County
7B-111046 POPE Callahan County
7B-112981 PILLANS Callahan County
7B-115320 PILLANS Callahan County
7B-129421 GASSIOTT Coleman County
7B-135798 HUTCHINS Callahan County
7B-172348 TATOM, R. N. Callahan County
7B-173162 JOHNSON 47 Shackelford County
7B-18933 SIMPSON, V. P. Eastland County
7B-191366 TATOM, FREDDY Callahan County
7B-19192 SIMPSON, T. P. Eastland County
7B-21028 SANDERS, J. Callahan County
7B-22290 SANDERS, J. Callahan County
7B-24425 VANCE "A" Callahan County
7B-24521 HUTCHINS Callahan County
7B-25216 SAND HILL Callahan County
7B-25670 THOMPSON Eastland County
7B-25869 BOREN "B" Callahan County
7B-25915 GIVINS Eastland County
7B-26533 ENLOW Callahan County
7C-085946 FOX, SALLIE Reagan County
7C-092165 FOX, SALLIE "C" Reagan County
7C-128313 SAM Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by King Energy Resources