Large Operating LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Large Operating LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Large Operating LLC
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NEW YORK, NY 10022

(212) 798-1320

Leases Operated by Large Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-00042 BLOCK Carson County
10-00064 SCHAFER Carson County
10-00065 BLOCK ABC Carson County
10-00082 BLOCK, B. F. Carson County
10-00087 COOPER -A- Carson County
10-00094 QUINN Carson County
10-00095 SEIBOLD Carson County
10-00106 FEE -244- Carson County
10-00116 COOPER -B- Carson County
10-00117 COOPER -C- Carson County
10-00118 COOPER, OLIVE Carson County
10-00128 POKER Carson County
10-00130 BLACKJACK Carson County
10-00131 ROULETTE Carson County
10-00138 COOPER B & E Carson County
10-00142 SCHAFER RANCH Carson County
10-00155 BRYAN, E. F. Carson County
10-00174 CITIES SERVICE -C- Carson County
10-00458 CASTLEBERRY -B- Gray County
10-00533 SIN-HARRAH Gray County
10-00562 ARNOLD, RALPH Gray County
10-00564 HARRAH, W. W. Gray County
10-00565 POPE, DAVE Gray County
10-00566 SACKETT, RUBY Gray County
10-00641 HARRAH, W. W. (T) Gray County
10-00752 COCKRELL -A- Hutchinson County
10-00753 COCKRELL "B" Hutchinson County
10-00797 PITCHER, H. C. ETAL Hutchinson County
10-00842 NEWBLOCK-LANGDON Hutchinson County
10-01024 COCKRELL RANCH T-K A&B Hutchinson County
10-01036 HAILE Hutchinson County
10-01277 POND, R. L. Hutchinson County
10-01289 COCKRELL, E. Hutchinson County
10-01290 COCKRELL-NAVAJO Hutchinson County
10-01295 KINGSLAND -B- Hutchinson County
10-01307 COCKRELL -F- Hutchinson County
10-01317 KINGSLAND Hutchinson County
10-01320 MAGIC Hutchinson County
10-01529 BURNETT, S. B. NCT-1 Carson County
10-01530 BURNETT, S. B. NCT-2 Carson County
10-01643 SOUTHLAND -B- Hutchinson County
10-01784 DRILLEX Hutchinson County
10-01794 COCKRELL -B- Hutchinson County
10-01799 BONEY, T. J. NCT-1 Carson County
10-01800 BONEY, T. J. NCT-2 Carson County
10-01802 BONEY, T. J. NCT-4 Carson County
10-02236 BURNETT, M. C., NCT-5 Carson County
10-023840 BRYAN, E. F. Carson County
10-02778 HARVEY UNIT Hutchinson County
10-02905 GARNER, C. R., -B- NCT-2 Carson County
10-03184 COOPER, E. /NCT-A/ Carson County
10-03185 COOPER, E. /NCT-B/ Carson County
10-03186 COOPER, E. /NCT-C/ Carson County
10-03457 MCCONNELL, J. C., -A- Carson County
10-03606 MOORE, J. W. Hutchinson County
10-03640 COCKRELL -F- Hutchinson County
10-03652 SOUTHLAND -B- Hutchinson County
10-03661 COCKRELL -B- Hutchinson County
10-03695 COCKRELL-NAVAJO Hutchinson County
10-03698 COCKRELL-NAVAJO Hutchinson County
10-03699 COCKRELL-NAVAJO Hutchinson County
10-03705 BAILEY-RICHARDSON Hutchinson County
10-03877 BURNETT, S.B. NCT-12 Carson County
10-052170 COWAN, W. R. TRACT -A- Roberts County
10-06499 ANDERSON, CLARENCE "B" Gray County
10-06661 EAKIN Gray County
10-07997 HARVEY UNIT Hutchinson County
10-142757 HARRAH, W. W. Gray County
10-142759 SACKETT, RUBY Gray County
10-142760 POPE, DAVE Gray County
10-142762 HARRAH, W. W. -T- Gray County
10-280731 POND, R. L. Hutchinson County
10-280889 POND, R. L. Hutchinson County
10-281102 POND, R. L. Hutchinson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Large Operating LLC