Leclair Operating Co., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Leclair Operating Co., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Leclair Operating Co., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Leclair Operating Co., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-003747 GAUGLER-STANGE Victoria County
7B-01804 HUNSAKER, BELLE Fisher County
7B-082029 SWENSON "B" Stephens County
7B-082431 MAURICE GASSIOT "B" Coleman County
7B-08467 SNYDER, JOHNNIE SEARS, -B- Jones County
7B-08496 BILLINGSLEY, G. S. Taylor County
7B-08500 BROWN, LILLEY P., -H- Jones County
7B-085165 DAVIDSON Palo Pinto County
7B-09225 ODOM ESTATE -B- Callahan County
7B-109145 C.J.C. UNIT Coleman County
7B-11239 MAGNESS, J. N. Nolan County
7B-11381 TRITON-MAGNESS Nolan County
7B-114207 SMITH Eastland County
7B-11653 MAIN HATCHETT RANCH Callahan County
7B-12331 ARLEDGE, J.W. EST 238 Nolan County
7B-12567 SIPE, OPHIE B Fisher County
7B-12643 SIPE, OPHIE -A- Fisher County
7B-12662 ARLEDGE, J.W. EST "A" Nolan County
7B-12878 DANIEL, G.A. Fisher County
7B-12998 WOOD MABLE JEAN Haskell County
7B-173162 JOHNSON 47 Shackelford County
7B-21217 FOSTER-GRAVES Haskell County
7B-21540 MCNIECE "A" Taylor County
7B-21855 SEARS, C.F. Taylor County
7B-21918 ROTAN SWD Fisher County
7B-22592 HERTEL Fisher County
7B-23769 THOMAS RANCH Nolan County
7B-28722 IOU RANCH "B" Stonewall County
7B-31005 SE SWENSON B Stonewall County
7C-07525 ALEXANDER, S. Runnels County
7C-07580 ROBINSON, C. J. -A- Runnels County
7C-07685 BILLUPS, W. T. Runnels County
7C-079781 WALKER, L. S. McCulloch County
7C-08060 BYERS, CORA Runnels County
7C-08243 COLE, EMMA Runnels County
7C-08708 DIETZ, L. Runnels County
7C-10884 GOTTSCHALK-BRYAN Runnels County
7C-11436 HALL RANCH Concho County
7C-13114 GAINER Concho County
7C-144094 ALEXANDER Concho County
7C-144775 ALEXANDER Concho County
7C-144776 PFLUGER Concho County
7C-14483 LEA UNIT Concho County
7C-14613 CLARK RANCH SOUTH Menard County
7C-147025 ALEXANDER Concho County
7C-147027 CANNING Concho County
7C-14768 CLARK RANCH SOUTH Menard County
7C-148799 CANNING Concho County
7C-15664 SILER "A" Concho County
7C-15772 STANSBERRY "D" Concho County
7C-15816 BURK "L" Concho County
7C-16381 GAINER, N. Concho County
7C-16705 WHITWORTH "B" Concho County
7C-17540 CLARK RANCH SOUTH Menard County
7C-180553 WHITWORTH "B" Concho County
7C-188947 WHITWORTH "B" Concho County
7C-210263 STANSBERRY "L" Concho County
7C-211955 STANSBERRY "L" Concho County
7C-214447 STANSBERRY "L" Concho County
7C-217995 STANSBERRY "L" Concho County
7C-219745 STANSBERRY "L" Concho County
7C-223840 STANSBERRY "L" Concho County
7C-225801 BARKER Concho County
7C-226930 PFLUGER "L" Kimble County
7C-230173 STANSBERRY "L" Concho County
7C-233336 MIMS "L" Concho County
7C-237319 BARKER "A" Concho County
7C-237352 STANSBERRY "L" Concho County
7C-241655 STANSBERRY "122" Concho County
7C-243614 J.D. BURK Concho County
8A-00293 MURRAY, A. B. Lubbock County
8A-05627 VAN NORMAN Scurry County
8A-05861 RASCO "A" Scurry County
8A-08971 MURRAY, A. B. MRS. "B" Lubbock County
8A-67043 RASCO "A" Scurry County
8A-67044 MURPHY, J. E. "A" Scurry County
8A-67480 SIMPSON King County
8A-67638 BEADLE "D" Dickens County
8A-67805 THOMAS Kent County
8A-68606 SPRINGER, G. King County

Drilling Permits Filed by Leclair Operating Co., Inc.