Leexus Oil LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Leexus Oil LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Leexus Oil LLC
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(979) 542-3509

Leases Operated by Leexus Oil LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-12813 REEVES Frio County
01-15026 PEARCE Frio County
03-083554 HAWN Lee County
03-097059 DUSEK UNIT Fayette County
03-098873 HARRIS UNIT Burleson County
03-112109 GREGORY Fayette County
03-114485 STUERMER, EVELYN Lee County
03-119473 DWL Fayette County
03-12203 LAURA UNIT Lee County
03-12310 CARMEAN, MRS. JOHN N. Lee County
03-12478 ROD, A.J. Fayette County
03-12588 STOUT, PAUL J. Lee County
03-12919 PREWETT, HARTFORD H. Fayette County
03-12980 GOEBEL BROTHERS Fayette County
03-12987 ZONA, MARY UNIT Lee County
03-13360 LOIS Fayette County
03-13604 OPERSTENY UNIT Brazos County
03-13697 SHELDEN, MILLICENT BROWN Fayette County
03-14599 ATLANTA HATFIELD Fayette County
03-150501 ALTHAUS UNIT Fayette County
03-15218 ULLRICH, RICHARD C. Fayette County
03-154128 FRAZIER UNIT Grimes County
03-16033 TOENNIS Fayette County
03-160844 CARMEAN, MRS. JOHN N. Lee County
03-16274 HOUGHTON, ANN Fayette County
03-16389 BRAUN UNIT Fayette County
03-16737 JENNY "P" Lee County
03-167708 FLAGTAIL Grimes County
03-16935 GIBSON, T.E. Burleson County
03-171280 HARRIS UNIT Fayette County
03-17156 ATKINSON Lee County
03-172172 RAMSEY-LYONS Fayette County
03-17260 KRAUSE "A" Lee County
03-173280 THOMAS RANCH Grimes County
03-173743 WATT-COLVIN Lee County
03-17620 LORAINE Lee County
03-176637 LEE Fayette County
03-18018 GOIN Lee County
03-18052 ACKER #1 Fayette County
03-18200 FROESE UNIT Fayette County
03-18722 PATSY -B- Fayette County
03-18883 LEVIEN Fayette County
03-19461 PATSY Lee County
03-20151 SCHULZE Lee County
03-21355 SCHULZ/PIETSCH Fayette County
03-21405 BERNSHAUSEN UNIT Fayette County
03-21416 LANE, M. A. Fayette County
03-21463 STAHL Fayette County
03-214794 RAY, ONNIE UNIT Lee County
03-215102 PASEUR Fayette County
03-21567 MACH Fayette County
03-21819 LIERE DL UNIT Fayette County
03-21839 DUSEK Fayette County
03-22061 DUSEK UNIT NO. 1 Fayette County
03-22098 ITECH-HANNUSCH Fayette County
03-22122 LOEBAU Lee County
03-22176 ROBERT GRIMM UNIT Lee County
03-22389 PATRANELLA #1 Burleson County
03-23183 ANSELL Fayette County
03-23562 POST OAK Fayette County
03-23983 LPB Fayette County
03-24127 UBERNOSKY Burleson County
03-24338 RAMSEY UNIT Fayette County
03-24836 DODD UNIT Burleson County
03-25122 KUHN Bastrop County
03-25123 SOUTHARD Bastrop County
03-251453 PECAN CREEK UNIT Fayette County
03-25557 KUHN - A - Bastrop County
03-25915 ONNIE RAY Lee County
03-26011 HAWN Lee County
03-26038 MITSCHKE Lee County
03-26068 STELLA MAE Fayette County
03-263817 DODD UNIT Burleson County
03-26438 EDDIE LACINA UNIT Burleson County
03-265996 ROADRUNNER-KNOX UNIT Lee County
03-26679 CALVIN LAY UNIT Lee County
03-27083 AVERYE Fayette County
03-284738 BERNICE Fayette County
05-03725 GLASS, CECIL C. Falls County
05-03991 GLASS-HAZLEWOOD UNIT Falls County

Drilling Permits Filed by Leexus Oil LLC