Legacy Reserves Operating LP Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Legacy Reserves Operating LP
Map of Wells Operated by Legacy Reserves Operating LP
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P O BOX 10848

(432) 689-5200

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Leases Operated by Legacy Reserves Operating LP

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-145882 POTH FAMILY TRUST Leon County
05-156825 RILEY TRUST Robertson County
05-158520 POTH FAMILY TRUST Leon County
05-166005 CAMP COOLEY Robertson County
05-170391 RAND-PAULSON RILEY TRUST Robertson County
05-172001 YELDELL UNIT Freestone County
05-220106 CORBY "A" Leon County
05-222978 JONES, ABE "A" Freestone County
05-251731 WEST "A" Freestone County
06-207711 USA-ELLINGTON Shelby County
08-01033 DEEP ROCK ETAL -A- Andrews County
08-01034 OGDEN -A- Andrews County
08-063632 GOMEZ SOUTH UNIT "3A" Pecos County
08-06560 FASKEN "A" Midland County
08-06960 ALMA Ector County
08-13780 RYAN, J. B. Howard County
08-19459 UNIVERSITY 173 Andrews County
08-20736 FULLER Howard County
08-21052 TALBOT Howard County
08-21216 WEST JORDAN UNIT Crane County
08-244938 GOMEZ UNIT Pecos County
08-29029 BITLER-LOWE CLEARFORK UNIT Andrews County
08-30393 BAYLISS Midland County
08-30469 ORSON, DR. Martin County
08-31028 ORSON, DR. -A- Martin County
08-36385 CANON Midland County
08-36661 UNIVERSITY SAN ANDRES UNIT Andrews County
08-37793 MILES, HAYDEN A Andrews County
08-40575 VEST RANCH Winkler County
08-40709 SANDERS, JUNE T. Midland County
08-40807 SANDERS, JUNE T. Midland County
08-40808 TXL -G- Midland County
08-42650 E. F. KING Andrews County
08-45658 DICKENSON 19 B Martin County
08-46297 DICKENSON 19 C Midland County
08-47520 TALBOT A Howard County
08-47696 TALBOT D Howard County
08-47800 TALBOT E Howard County
08-47801 TALBOT F Howard County
08-48275 TALBOT H Howard County
08-48461 FULLER B Howard County
08-48478 FULLER D Howard County
08-48660 FULLER A Howard County
08-48674 FULLER C Howard County
08-48960 PRICHARD C Howard County
08-48969 PRICHARD B Howard County
08-49169 PRICHARD A Howard County
08-49179 PRICHARD D Howard County
08-49905 FULLER E Howard County
08-49978 FULLER F Howard County
08-50599 RYAN A Howard County
08-50899 TALBOT G Howard County
08-50965 RYAN B Howard County
08-50987 RYAN C Howard County
08-51397 RYAN D Howard County
08-51411 H. DENTON A Howard County
08-51417 H. DENTON B Howard County
08-51971 DR ORSON B Martin County
08-52041 DR ORSON C Martin County
08-52444 DR ORSON D Martin County
08-52584 BEACH A Howard County
08-52847 H. DENTON D Howard County
08-53076 DICKENSON C Martin County
08-53126 DICKENSON D Martin County
08-53592 DR ORSON E Martin County
7C-06330 MOBIL-COOK Upton County
7C-08002 DAMRON "A" Upton County
7C-15858 POWELL 34 Upton County
7C-18946 UNIVERSITY 47-2W Crockett County
7C-19959 UNIVERSITY TEMA Reagan County
8A-05101 NORTHRUP-LINDSEY Gaines County
8A-60106 CONOCO-DEAN UNIT Cochran County
8A-60521 ACKERLY /DEAN/ FIELD UNIT Dawson County
8A-60687 EAST ACKERLY DEAN UNIT Dawson County
8A-67491 JOHNSON Borden County
8A-67889 WOOD Gaines County
8A-68217 HOMANN SAN ANDRES UNIT Gaines County
8A-68792 BILLY (ABO) UNIT Lamb County

Drilling Permits Filed by Legacy Reserves Operating LP