Lehnertz, G. M. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Lehnertz, G. M.
Map of Wells Operated by Lehnertz, G. M.
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Leases Operated by Lehnertz, G. M.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-108961 MCCASLIN, G. M. GAS UNIT O/A Navarro County
05-113280 KENNEDY-SHEPPARD Navarro County
05-118068 BAIN, R. A. Navarro County
05-118329 BAIN, R. A. NO. 1 Navarro County
05-120649 COATES Navarro County
05-121092 COATES, MAGGIE BELLE Navarro County
05-154271 ARCHER HEIRS Limestone County
06-016098 BENNETT, T. V. UNIT Rusk County
06-016124 HUNT, J. T. Rusk County
06-030322 REED, A. J. Panola County
06-04571 ALFORD, A. Rusk County
06-047748 HUDSON, L. H. Wood County
06-04918 SCOGGIN, F. E. Wood County
06-055797 MCCAULEY, S. M. Smith County
06-05627 MCCAULEY, S. M. Smith County
06-062270 HARRIS, SUSAN MRS. Harrison County
06-080481 MELTON Smith County
06-082860 BYRNE, HAZEL Harrison County
06-083501 HARRIS, DOYLE GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-083726 MITCHELL HEIRS Harrison County
06-083929 REESE, HENRY Harrison County
06-089093 HARRISON, B.A. Harrison County
06-10028 HARRIS, DOYLE Harrison County
06-10029 REESE, HENRY Harrison County
06-100848 HARRIS, JOHN Harrison County
06-10963 HARRISON, B. A. Harrison County
06-12339 HERRING ESTATE Wood County
06-12991 GUNTER, R. B. HEIRS Wood County
06-133581 BAILEY, DOYLE Wood County
06-138431 BROGDON HEIRS Wood County
06-141699 ALFORD "A" Rusk County
06-142226 POOLE Smith County
06-145144 COLE, WILLIAM A. Smith County
06-148537 BAILEY, DOYLE Wood County

Drilling Permits Filed by Lehnertz, G. M.