Lightning Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Lightning Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Lightning Oil Company
Contact Information
Company Name:

BOX 6598

(210) 828-6203

Leases Operated by Lightning Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000356 LIGHT Dimmit County
01-04168 MISSOURI PACIFIC RR. CO. Dimmit County
01-04170 SAVANNAH CORP. Dimmit County
01-04622 MISSOURI PACIFIC R.R. CO. Dimmit County
01-058804 LIGHT, GEORGE E. JR. Dimmit County
01-10215 LIGHT MINERALS Dimmit County
01-11434 LIGHT MINERALS Dimmit County
01-119610 LIGHT MINERALS Dimmit County
01-119936 LIGHT MINERALS Dimmit County
01-135893 LIGHT RANCH Dimmit County
01-13737 LIGHT MINERALS Dimmit County
01-14312 LIGHT MINERALS Dimmit County
01-272949 CUTLASS WEST A Dimmit County
01-274656 CUTLASS WEST A Dimmit County
01-276862 CUTLASS EAST La Salle County
01-276895 CUTLASS EAST
01-283833 CUTLASS EAST La Salle County
02-103100 RAMSEY Goliad County
02-162202 FUNK, CRESTON JR. ET AL Goliad County
02-176462 RAMSEY, R. H. Goliad County
02-189619 COHN Goliad County
02-189621 COHN Goliad County
02-189918 COHN Goliad County
02-190844 COHN Goliad County
02-200527 COHN Goliad County
02-200621 COHN Goliad County
02-200749 FRANKLIN Goliad County
02-230357 COHN Goliad County
02-254336 PITTMAN Goliad County
02-255445 ROB & VAN RAMSEY UNIT Goliad County

Drilling Permits Filed by Lightning Oil Company