Lindemann, James D. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Lindemann, James D.
Map of Wells Operated by Lindemann, James D.
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Leases Operated by Lindemann, James D.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-01078 COWAN & MCKINNEY -E- Archer County
09-01119 KINDER Archer County
09-08991 KINDER-PITCOCK Archer County
09-105001 PEAVY, S Jack County
09-113479 SIMPSON Jack County
09-118317 OWEN Jack County
09-11995 POWELL-MORGAN UNIT Archer County
09-15177 KING Archer County
09-15579 GARVEY-FARMER Archer County
09-18751 PEAVY, S. H. -D- Jack County
09-195044 PEAVY, S. H. "D" Jack County
09-19665 GARRETT -C- Clay County
09-209732 KNOX ESTATE Young County
09-22757 STALLCUP Archer County
09-23313 PEAVY, S. Jack County
09-23320 KINDER "D" Archer County
09-23672 PEAVY, S. A Jack County
09-23880 CLERIHEW Jack County
09-24369 MATLOCK Jack County
09-24487 PEAVY, S. B Jack County
09-24548 DOYLE Clay County
09-24613 POWELL-MORGAN Archer County
09-24749 RODGERS, F. Jack County
09-25346 SNIDER, LEWIS Archer County
09-25608 OWEN Jack County
09-25679 ABERCROMBIE Archer County
09-25821 SAMPLEY-CORDELL Jack County
09-25912 WILLIAMS Archer County
09-26123 GARNER Jack County
09-26125 SHEPHERD Clay County
09-26326 DOYLE Clay County
09-26508 MILLS Baylor County
09-26639 LEWIS HINSON UNIT Young County
09-26771 SNIDER Archer County
09-26829 BODKIN Archer County
09-26866 SHANAFELT-TOLSON B-1 Young County
09-26934 KNOX ESTATE Young County
09-26935 SHANAFELT-TOLSON A-1 Young County
09-26997 SNIDER "A" Archer County
09-27116 SHANAFELT-TOLSON B-2 Young County
09-27173 SNIDER 'B' Archer County
09-27187 HOFF Archer County
09-27452 ASH-BAKER Archer County
09-27461 HOFF Archer County
09-27595 RUSHING Archer County
09-27616 KNOX ESTATE Young County
09-27743 STALLCUP UNIT Archer County
09-28193 RIGGS Young County
09-28267 COWAN MCKINNEY "R" Archer County
09-28311 SPAIN REYNOLDS Young County
09-28528 MAXWELL Archer County
09-28542 BAKER Archer County
09-28604 DAVIDSON Young County
09-28651 PRIDEAUX (PRISM) Archer County
09-28690 HOUSE RANCH Archer County
09-28691 CALVIN-HILL UNIT Archer County
09-28741 PRIDEAUX Archer County
09-28833 HOUSE RANCH Archer County
09-28933 GRAHAM-HILL UNIT Archer County
09-28935 GARVEY Archer County
09-29089 RICHARDSON Young County
09-29117 RICHARDSON Young County
09-29189 PRIDEAUX Archer County
09-29208 ABLE Jack County
09-29282 ABERCROMBIE B Archer County
09-29399 HAMILTON Young County
09-29491 COWAN & MCKINNEY SNELL Archer County
09-29543 SHANAFELT Young County
09-29612 KINDER "B" Archer County
09-29714 ALLEN Young County
09-29738 HOFF Archer County
09-29753 LUTZ Clay County
09-30454 SIMPSON "L" Jack County
09-30549 SIMPSON Jack County
09-30634 PEAVY "F" Jack County
09-30720 ZOTZ-WILTON UNIT Young County

Drilling Permits Filed by Lindemann, James D.