Lonestar Operating, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Lonestar Operating, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Lonestar Operating, LLC
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(817) 921-1889

Leases Operated by Lonestar Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-12996 HAGEN RANCH UNIT Gonzales County
01-15378 RANGER BEALL RANCH Dimmit County
01-15706 HOSEK UNIT Wilson County
01-17389 ORTMANN UNIT Wilson County
01-17390 KUTAC UNIT Wilson County
01-17598 PIRATE B Wilson County
01-17621 GONZO UNIT E Wilson County
01-17746 PIRATE A Wilson County
01-17825 PIRATE K Wilson County
01-17842 PIRATE L Wilson County
01-17870 CULPEPPER UNIT NO. 3 Gonzales County
01-17874 CULPEPPER UNIT NO. 2 Gonzales County
01-18021 MEINERS La Salle County
01-18201 HARVEY JOHNSON EF UNIT Gonzales County
01-18333 GERKE La Salle County
01-18492 BURNS-EAGLEFORD A La Salle County
01-18622 PIRATE 'N' UNIT Wilson County
01-18638 PIRATE 'M' UNIT Wilson County
01-18643 BOBCAT Gonzales County
01-19043 CYCLONE B Gonzales County
01-19048 CYCLONE A Gonzales County
01-19154 CYCLONE F UNIT Gonzales County
01-19155 CYCLONE E UNIT Gonzales County
01-19643 HAWKEYE D Gonzales County
01-20115 CYCLONE E B Gonzales County
01-20116 CYCLONE E C Gonzales County
01-278895 HORNED FROG A UNIT La Salle County
01-278919 HORNED FROG B UNIT La Salle County
01-284521 HORNED FROG H UNIT La Salle County
01-284963 HORNED FROG NW A UNIT La Salle County
01-284964 HORNED FROG NW B UNIT La Salle County
01-287667 HORNED FROG F-A La Salle County
01-287668 HORNED FROG F-B La Salle County
01-287762 HORNED FROG NW BC UNIT La Salle County
01-287842 HORNED FROG NW C UNIT La Salle County
01-289559 HORNED FROG A-E B La Salle County
02-09585 GEORG (EF) Karnes County
02-10711 PROST UNIT H Lavaca County
02-10844 PROST UNIT I Fayette County
02-10922 MOULTON A UNIT Lavaca County
02-10982 MOULTON B UNIT Lavaca County
02-11856 GEORG (EF) C Karnes County
02-11857 GEORG (EF) B Karnes County
02-11861 GEORG (EF) D Karnes County
02-260636 T BIRD UNIT DeWitt County
02-271348 T BIRD UNIT DeWitt County
02-271442 T BIRD UNIT DeWitt County
02-271603 KOZIELSKI UNIT DeWitt County
02-271719 KOZIELSKI UNIT DeWitt County
02-271727 KOZIELSKI UNIT DeWitt County
02-271729 KOZIELSKI UNIT DeWitt County
02-272154 MCCLANAHAN DeWitt County
02-272375 MCCLANAHAN DeWitt County
02-272378 MCCLANAHAN DeWitt County
02-272594 BUCHHORN DeWitt County
02-272991 MCCLANAHAN DeWitt County
02-277790 T BIRD UNIT DeWitt County
02-277791 T BIRD UNIT DeWitt County
03-21707 DANSBY UNIT Brazos County
03-22202 DANSBY-ADAMS UNIT Brazos County
03-22235 THOMAS UNIT Brazos County
03-26096 THOMAS E UNIT Brazos County
03-26105 PROST UNIT A Fayette County
03-26149 SANTE UNIT A Fayette County
03-26200 PROST UNIT C Fayette County
03-26233 PROST UNIT F Fayette County
03-26248 BATTEN E UNIT Brazos County
03-26392 SANTE NORTH UNIT Fayette County
03-26594 FIVE MILE CREEK UNIT E Fayette County
03-26596 FIVE MILE CREEK UNIT K Fayette County
03-26597 CHEERS UNIT A Fayette County
03-26631 FIVE MILE CREEK UNIT A Fayette County
03-27249 WILDCAT B Brazos County
03-27620 SFR Brazos County
03-27684 FIVE MILE CREEK E&B A Fayette County
05-04093 SCASTA UNIT Brazos County
05-04112 RANGER B Brazos County
05-04113 RANGER A Brazos County
05-04224 ARHOPULOS-CALDWELL Brazos County
05-04230 ARHOPULOS-WADE Brazos County

Drilling Permits Filed by Lonestar Operating, LLC