Lyco Energy Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Lyco Energy Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Lyco Energy Corporation
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Leases Operated by Lyco Energy Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-12255 PARR, LILLIAN Duval County
04-149321 PARR, LILLIAN Duval County
08-28236 BRANDENBURG Pecos County
08-34864 DILLARD Howard County
08-35006 DILLARD Howard County
08-35263 PHILLIPS Howard County
08-35570 BAKER TRUST Howard County
10-01184 HARRISON, HENRY Hutchinson County
10-01187 JOHNSON RANCH -A- Hutchinson County
10-01190 JOHNSON RANCH -L- Hutchinson County
10-01192 MERCHANT-VACUUM Hutchinson County
10-023828 MERCHANT-VACUUM Hutchinson County
10-023830 MERCHANT-VACUUM Hutchinson County
10-023831 READ Hutchinson County
10-025275 BIVINS Hutchinson County
10-025276 BIVINS Hutchinson County
10-025280 BERGESON Moore County
10-025283 JOHNSON Hutchinson County
10-025285 JOHNSON Hutchinson County
10-025288 JOHNSON Hutchinson County
10-025289 JOHNSON RANCH Hutchinson County
10-025290 JOHNSON RANCH Hutchinson County
10-025291 JOHNSON RANCH Hutchinson County
10-025295 JOHNSON RANCH Hutchinson County
10-025300 JOHNSON RANCH Hutchinson County
10-025302 JOHNSON RANCH Hutchinson County
10-025303 JOHNSON RANCH Hutchinson County
10-025304 JOHNSON RANCH Hutchinson County
10-025305 JOHNSON Hutchinson County
10-025651 BARTLETT Moore County
10-025655 DONELSON "C" Moore County
10-025656 DUNNE Moore County
10-025657 HARRISON-MCDOWELL Hutchinson County
10-025658 HILL Moore County
10-025659 HOHMANN Moore County
10-025660 JONES, C. R. Moore County
10-025661 JONES, C. R. Moore County
10-025663 LINDSAY Moore County
10-025666 MILLER, A. L. Moore County
10-025668 MILLER, J. M. Moore County
10-025670 MUNSON Moore County
10-025671 MUNSON Moore County
10-025675 RUSSELL Moore County
10-025678 WILSON Moore County
10-025679 DOSH, R. H. Moore County
10-028187 MARTIN Sherman County
10-040309 JOHNSON ESTATE Hutchinson County
10-043770 MCDOWELL, GAS UNIT Moore County
10-044198 LONGANECKER, E. R. Moore County
10-06216 HOHMANN, R. N. Moore County
10-06220 STRINGER Moore County
10-06380 MORTON Moore County
10-06396 MILLER, J. M. Moore County
10-06397 WILBAR Moore County
10-06398 WILSON Moore County
10-06405 LONGANECKER Moore County
10-06431 JONES "A" Moore County
10-06449 DONELSON "C" Moore County
10-065254 DONELSON, A. J. -B- Moore County
10-06529 BLANKENSHIP Moore County
10-06564 LINDSAY Moore County
10-06566 DUNNE Moore County
10-06567 BARTLETT Moore County
10-06971 MORTON A Moore County
10-070306 MILLER, EDITH Moore County
10-07079 REZNIK Moore County
10-07162 FULTON-TOREADOR "I" Oldham County
10-073522 CATLETT,J. G. Moore County
10-084755 LUCAS, G. B. Hutchinson County
10-086622 DONELSON, A. J. -A- Moore County
10-093223 PRITCHARD, S. -C- Hutchinson County
10-112633 MORTON, J. N. Moore County
10-113692 WILBAR, A. P. Moore County
10-117620 PHILLIPS, O. A. Hutchinson County
10-123180 HILL, A. T. Moore County
10-123497 WILSON Moore County
10-130815 BERGESON GAS UNIT Moore County
10-150537 HOHMANN, R. N. Moore County
10-152180 LINDSAY, J. B. Moore County
10-176469 MUNSON Moore County

Drilling Permits Filed by Lyco Energy Corporation