Lyon Operating Company Inc.(Iii) Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Lyon Operating Company Inc.(Iii)
Map of Wells Operated by Lyon Operating Company Inc.(Iii)
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(940) 567-3310

Leases Operated by Lyon Operating Company Inc.(Iii)

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-133723 MEEKS Victoria County
05-03108 LACEY, NELL Leon County
08-02575 HENDRICK -A- Winkler County
09-00351 IKARD, A. J. Archer County
09-03767 CARNEY, I. Jack County
09-095979 KURK,WILLIAM Young County
09-099395 SEWELL Young County
09-103023 SEWELL Young County
09-103431 KURK, WILLIAM Young County
09-11060 WORTHINGTON, L. A., -D- Jack County
09-11187 WORTHINGTON, L. A. Jack County
09-123757 SCHMITTOU, J. Jack County
09-12571 CARTWRIGHT, L., -A- Archer County
09-12802 ABERCROMBIE -B- Archer County
09-13956 KEEN HEIRS Clay County
09-14128 MENEFEE, JAMES A. Montague County
09-141662 WICLER, FRANCES IRENE UNIT Jack County
09-141663 WICKER, FRANCES IRENE UNIT Jack County
09-143974 WHITAKER Jack County
09-15100 SCOTT-FISCHL -B- Jack County
09-15109 SCOTT-FISCHL -A- Jack County
09-151495 ZUBER, E. Jack County
09-15220 SCOTT, R., -D- Jack County
09-15276 SCOTT, ROSCOE "B" Clay County
09-15318 SCOTT-CLEVELAND -A- Clay County
09-15360 OLSEN Clay County
09-15392 SCHMITTOU Clay County
09-15423 SCOTT, R., -B- Clay County
09-156628 HAZELTON Young County
09-15693 BROOKS, M. M. Jack County
09-159841 BLANTON Jack County
09-16005 DILLARD WEST UNIT Clay County
09-16437 HILL Clay County
09-16485 SPARKMAN -C- Clay County
09-16585 BAKER Clay County
09-17281 KEY Archer County
09-18118 GARNER BROS. Clay County
09-18927 GARNER BROS Clay County
09-19271 ZUBER, E. Jack County
09-20242 KURK, WILLIAM Young County
09-20295 MENEFEE, JAMES A -A- Montague County
09-21207 SANDERS, GLEN W. -B- Archer County
09-21416 FURR, G. F. Baylor County
09-21607 SEWELL Young County
09-21619 HAZELTON Young County
09-21827 HINSON-BANNIN Jack County
09-21933 DUNAWAY-LIGON Montague County
09-23135 REEVES, ED Young County
09-23184 MCDOWELL Jack County
09-23782 GILMORE Young County
09-23914 HARDEN Young County
09-24303 GILMORE Young County
09-25838 BOYD-KIRK Jack County
09-26424 ELLEDGE-FURR Baylor County
09-26473 SCOTT, LOWELL Clay County
09-26532 HARDIN-JORDAN Young County
09-26815 HARDIN Young County
09-27557 GILMORE Young County
09-27791 REEVES Young County
09-28505 WEST DILLARD #9 Clay County
7B-037963 FAMBRO, ALEX, -A- Stephens County
7B-063953 FAMBRO, SAM A. T.B. Stephens County
7B-085452 FAMBRO, SAM A. Stephens County
7B-085454 FAMBRO, SAM A. Stephens County
7B-085455 FAMBRO, SAM A. Stephens County
7B-085456 FAMBRO, SAM A. Stephens County
7B-086063 FAMBRO, SAM A. Stephens County
7B-15332 FAMBRO, SAM A. Stephens County
7B-19337 ARMSTRONG, T. F. "B" Throckmorton County
7B-19900 WHITFIELD Stephens County
7B-24755 H-B UNIT Throckmorton County
7B-25752 MCANULTY Young County
7C-08927 GLASS Tom Green County
7C-11038 NORTH BALLINGER Runnels County
7C-119606 DISCOVERY Runnels County
7C-12083 SINGLE EAGLE BETTYE Runnels County
7C-149256 DISCOVERY Runnels County
8A-13660 MASTEN, F. O. Cochran County
8A-66836 MACY-LOTT B-10 Garza County
8A-66864 MACY LOTT 10 Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Lyon Operating Company Inc.(Iii)