Magnum Oilfield Services LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Magnum Oilfield Services LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Magnum Oilfield Services LLC
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BAKERSFIELD, CA 93309-3657

Leases Operated by Magnum Oilfield Services LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01174 RIEGER, OTTO Williamson County
01-01175 HALL, RAY W. Williamson County
01-01290 SLADEK, EUGENE Williamson County
01-01292 SLADEK, A. Williamson County
01-03383 JONES, LESTER H., ET AL Bexar County
01-07920 LEASMAN, MARY LOU Wilson County
01-08490 BATEMAN (AUSTIN CHALK) UNIT Bastrop County
01-09211 COLLEY Milam County
01-10008 COLE, MYRTLE MARIE Milam County
01-10746 JENKINS Atascosa County
01-11292 STOKES, O.K. Atascosa County
01-14004 RIEGER OTTO "A" Williamson County
01-14380 BRINKLEY Bastrop County
01-16020 WOELFEL Williamson County
03-049656 FISHER, FLORENCE C. Liberty County
03-16587 O'BRIEN, N. Liberty County
03-20056 FISHER, FLORENCE Liberty County
05-03901 THIGPEN, ROBERT Falls County
08-07320 MILLER, O. H. EST. Ward County
08-31870 ADOBE Pecos County
7C-10895 BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Menard County
7C-16623 ESN BSA Menard County

Drilling Permits Filed by Magnum Oilfield Services LLC