Magnum Producing & Operating Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Magnum Producing & Operating Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Magnum Producing & Operating Co.
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Leases Operated by Magnum Producing & Operating Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-00394 SCHAEFER, E. C. DeWitt County
02-00648 JACOBS, C. Y. Victoria County
02-03675 APPLING, F. E., -B- UNIT Jackson County
02-042458 SCHAEFER, E. C. DeWitt County
02-04248 PARGMANN, A. O. Karnes County
02-04753 APPLING, F. E. -B- Jackson County
02-052283 LINDHOLM, CHARLES Live Oak County
02-05446 GEARY, C. A. DeWitt County
02-06169 KRUEGAR, D. R. DeWitt County
02-089385 WEST Lavaca County
02-109082 JONES, SOPHIA B. Lavaca County
02-109901 GEARY, C.A. DeWitt County
02-111037 HYNES Refugio County
02-112065 HYNES Refugio County
02-112641 FOX, MICHAEL -B- Bee County
02-113783 TRAYLOR Victoria County
03-065660 MENDELL ALLEN UNIT-MENDEL Harris County
03-069172 HINTZ ESTATE -A- Austin County
03-073073 CORNELIUS, ETHEL Matagorda County
03-073300 WEGENHOFT, JOHN AND FORD Colorado County
03-07555 MOEBES, LEONA K. Colorado County
03-075988 NORTH UNIT Wharton County
03-091859 ZAHRADNICK, ALFRED Colorado County
03-11063 FROST, V. W. ET AL Chambers County
03-11196 COCHRAN, JOE Colorado County
03-11316 OLIVER UNIT Brazoria County
03-11349 PLOW REALTY COMPANY Lavaca County
03-114420 YOUENS GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-129028 PETERSON, JOHN ET AL UNIT Colorado County
03-129832 NASH, HANNAH Harris County
03-130820 KAECHELE, C. R. Austin County
03-13125 JONES, SOPHIA B. Lavaca County
03-13202 KEYSTONE MILLS "A" Montgomery County
03-132363 YOUENS, W. T. GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-151980 HAYNES, J. F. Chambers County
03-15252 TEN BRINK Brazoria County
03-152672 ROGERS, B. B. GU 1 Chambers County
03-153359 JOHNSON, B. A. "D" GU Colorado County
03-153822 MATTHEWS, FRANCES Colorado County
03-153874 SCHUMANN, FRITZ ET AL Austin County
03-158691 PRIESMEYER, L. Colorado County
03-160307 DUNCAN, G. C. Wharton County
03-161374 JOHNSON, B. A. 'E' GU Colorado County
03-164970 MIKESKA, JERRY Austin County
03-175020 PACIFIC GAS UNIT Montgomery County
03-175274 JOHNSON, B. A. "D" GU Colorado County
03-175516 PACIFIC GAS UNIT Montgomery County
03-175630 GRAF Austin County
03-17670 SUROVIK, FRANK Austin County
03-17717 HALBIG UNIT Colorado County
03-18769 MAXWELL, GEORGE Liberty County
03-193384 POOLE "B" Colorado County
03-194927 WINTERMAN, ADA M. Colorado County
03-197368 LAIDACKER UNIT Liberty County
03-197781 EAST HAMEL GU 4 Colorado County
03-19798 JOHNSON, B.A. Colorado County
03-20123 CHOPPE, DOROTHY Wharton County
03-20125 DANIEL, BILL Liberty County
04-090171 FLOERKE, MAX M. San Patricio County
04-10267 ESCONDIDO Jim Hogg County
04-10325 MILLER, C.A. San Patricio County
04-10563 DALEY, IRENE San Patricio County
04-106541 BARTOSH GAS UNIT San Patricio County
04-107104 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-10721 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-12586 CORPUS CHRISTI BANK & TRUST San Patricio County
04-12696 HAMON-HARVEY San Patricio County
04-127255 MANLEY, ALMA Nueces County
04-12746 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-12755 BROWN, POLLY ET AL Aransas County
04-127725 HAMON-HARVEY San Patricio County
04-127818 KOTARA ALDRIDGE GU Hidalgo County
04-172688 MCKAMEY B San Patricio County
04-173434 KOTARA-ALDRIDGE ET AL G U Hidalgo County
04-173912 J. H. HARVEY UNIT San Patricio County
04-176863 DUGGER, BRUCE LEE Nueces County
04-180273 CORPUS CHRISTI BANK & TRUST San Patricio County
04-190417 HARVEY, J. H. UNIT San Patricio County
04-192661 J H HARVEY UNIT San Patricio County

Drilling Permits Filed by Magnum Producing & Operating Co.