Maguire Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Maguire Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Maguire Oil Company
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Leases Operated by Maguire Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-004877 DOOLEY Harris County
03-004878 SCANLAN Harris County
03-004880 DOOLEY Harris County
03-004883 DOOLEY Harris County
03-004884 DOOLEY Harris County
03-004885 SCANLAN Harris County
03-004886 SCANLAN Harris County
04-107941 MAGUIRE-SULLIVAN Brooks County
04-10908 RUPP Brooks County
04-109839 RUPP Brooks County
04-11023 SULLIVAN, D. J. Brooks County
04-110511 SULLIVAN DEEP UNIT Brooks County
04-112620 SULLIVAN Brooks County
04-112621 SULLIVAN Brooks County
04-138769 D. J. SULLIVAN "L" UNIT Brooks County
04-139875 SULLIVAN. D. J. Brooks County
04-139969 SULLIVAN, D. J. Brooks County
04-142230 SULLIVAN, D. J. Brooks County
04-142231 RUPP DEEP #1 UNIT Brooks County
04-142657 RUPP DEEP #1 UNIT Brooks County
04-163588 RUPP Brooks County
04-163979 SULLIVAN DEEP "A" Brooks County
04-164131 SULLIVAN, D. J. Brooks County
04-164166 SULLIVAN "V" Brooks County
04-166003 RUPP HIGH Brooks County
04-166042 SULLIVAN DEEP "B" Brooks County
04-166993 PEREZ-ALANIZ DEEP Brooks County
04-170047 SULLIVAN DEEP Brooks County
04-172911 PEREZ-ALANIZ DEEP Brooks County
04-177218 SULLIVAN "DD" Kleberg County
04-177302 RUPP HIGH Brooks County
04-177958 PEREZ-ALANIZ DEEP Brooks County
04-178421 RUPP Brooks County
04-179054 SULLIVAN DEEP "C" Brooks County
04-180726 RUPP HIGH Brooks County
04-180777 RUPP Brooks County
04-181147 PEREZ-ALANIZ DEEP Brooks County
04-197703 RUPP DEEP 'D' Brooks County
09-021196 CAMPSEY Jack County
09-02860 CHILES, AMY UNIT Grayson County
09-029159 YATES, LELA H. Jack County
09-029160 YATES, LELA H. "A" Jack County
09-11035 YATES WATER FLOOD UNIT Jack County
09-125936 SLUSHER Jack County
09-125937 SLUSHER Jack County
09-129432 ABERNATHIE Jack County
09-129775 SLUSHER "E" Jack County
09-132394 FORE Jack County
09-139226 JACKSON HEIRS "C" Jack County
09-139599 RILEY, L. L. Jack County
09-142032 SLUSHER "H" Jack County
09-148559 ROPER Jack County
09-18343 CHILES, AMY Grayson County
09-26835 SLUSHER "D" Jack County
09-26984 SLUSHER Jack County
09-27085 JACKSON HEIRS Jack County
09-27104 SLUSHER "H" Jack County
09-27121 SLUSHER "B" Jack County
09-27153 SLUSHER "C" Jack County
8A-17668 BURNS, GEORGE Martin County
8A-19612 DAVENPORT Dawson County
8A-19707 DYER Martin County
8A-19938 SHEPARD, BONNIE Martin County
8A-60014 WIGGINS Martin County
8A-60027 BOND Martin County
8A-60078 HALE Martin County
8A-60111 BURNS Martin County
8A-60133 GRANTHAM Martin County
8A-60147 DAVIS Martin County
8A-60163 STOKES Martin County
8A-60266 STOKES "A" Martin County
8A-60276 JEFFCOAT Martin County
8A-60536 DAVIS "A" Martin County
8A-61862 FLETCHER LOTT B Garza County
8A-61988 LOTT, JOHN Garza County
8A-62287 PERRY Martin County
8A-62288 WHITE Dawson County
8A-62319 ANDERSON Martin County
8A-62339 SNELL Martin County

Drilling Permits Filed by Maguire Oil Company