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Leases Operated by Mammoth Exploration LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-00260 STATE UNIVERSITY -T- Andrews County
08-019938 WIGHT -6- GAS UNIT Ector County
08-04077 LOCKHART Andrews County
08-04084 LOCKHART Andrews County
08-04390 UNIVERSITY -C- Andrews County
08-055895 PRICE -8- Pecos County
08-08273 UNIVERSITY -E- Andrews County
08-09049 WIGHT, L. E., MRS. -4- Ector County
08-09321 WIGHT, L. E., MRS. -A-9- Ector County
08-098243 DRO Pecos County
08-10784 STATE UNIVERSITY -BC- Andrews County
08-13655 UNIVERSITY -L- Andrews County
08-13814 UNIVERSITY -J- Andrews County
08-15242 UNIVERSITY -L- Andrews County
08-17201 UNIVERSITY -Q- Andrews County
08-17710 UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-18136 UNIVERSITY -E- Andrews County
08-20661 WIGHT UNIT Ector County
08-212329 STATE OF TEXAS Pecos County
08-23134 JOHNSON,J.L."38" Ector County
08-23143 JOHNSON,J.L."38" Ector County
08-23778 WIGHT, MRS. L. E. "4" Ector County
08-23796 UNIVERSITY "D" Andrews County
08-24105 STATE UNIVERSITY "BC" Andrews County
08-248921 LOCKHART Andrews County
08-25690 WIGHT -A-19- Ector County
08-29393 IMPERIAL Pecos County
08-29463 BARNSLEY -B- Crane County
08-30832 BARNSLEY -C- Crane County
08-31036 LOCKHART Andrews County
08-31068 BARNSLEY -26- Crane County
08-31711 BARNSLEY 26 D Crane County
08-31739 STATE Pecos County
08-31883 BARNSLEY 26 -E- Crane County
08-32962 BARNSLEY 27 Crane County
08-33239 STATE UNIVERSITY "T" Andrews County
08-33701 UNIVERSITY "G" Andrews County
08-34367 BARNSLEY C Crane County
08-35472 PRICE, MARY Pecos County
08-36390 BARNSLEY BEE Crane County
08-36835 BARNSLEY A Crane County
08-37246 PARKER, J. E. ESTATE -B- Andrews County
08-40005 LOCKHART Andrews County
08-40290 PARKER 22 Andrews County
08-41002 PARKER RANCHLAND 25 Andrews County
08-42485 SAGE Andrews County
08-42525 LOOMIS Andrews County
08-42782 QUANTUM SWD Andrews County
08-43891 ROSS Andrews County
08-45706 STATE LANA 38 Pecos County
08-46874 WAPITI 12-17 Andrews County
08-47340 WAPITI 12-26 Andrews County
08-47446 WAPITI 12-15 Andrews County
08-49371 WAPITI 12-24 Andrews County
08-49410 UNIVERSITY G Andrews County
08-49411 UNIVERSITY D Andrews County
08-49412 UNIVERSITY T Andrews County
08-49413 STATE UNIVERSITY BC Andrews County
08-50019 BARNSLEY L Crane County
08-50286 STATE LANA 38 Pecos County
08-51034 PRICE -8- Pecos County
08-53595 PRICE -9- Pecos County
8A-66337 ECHOLS (SPRABERRY) UNIT Dawson County
8A-66826 9202 JV-P WHITE BUFFALO Scurry County
8A-66842 9202 JV-P ROSSON "A" Scurry County
8A-66957 9402 JV-P IRA "A" Scurry County
8A-67139 9402 JV-P IRA "C" Scurry County
8A-68134 ROSSON, 9202 JV-P Scurry County
8A-69588 MAXIE WILSON Scurry County
8A-70690 MAD MONK Gaines County
8A-70709 MORLEY-HUDSON Yoakum County
8A-70797 HUDSON Cochran County
8A-71046 HUDSON Cochran County

Drilling Permits Filed by Mammoth Exploration LLC