Martin, Jimmy Inc Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Martin, Jimmy Inc
Map of Wells Operated by Martin, Jimmy Inc
Contact Information
Company Name:

SAN ANGELO, TX 76904-1210

(325) 450-3026

Leases Operated by Martin, Jimmy Inc

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-089944 STATE OF TEXAS "DP" Ward County
08-114469 STATE OF TEXAS "DP" Ward County
08-17597 BARNSLEY, T. C. Crane County
08-17746 BARNSLEY -A- Crane County
08-182941 STATE OF TEXAS "DP" Ward County
08-240091 LOU LEE Crane County
08-24620 BARNSLEY "C" Crane County
08-28483 ORLA -A- Reeves County
08-30210 STATE OF TEXAS -DP- Ward County
08-34012 HOUSTON ENDOWMENT Ector County
08-34571 WALLING & COSTLEY -A- Ward County
08-34572 WALLING & COSTLEY -B- Ward County
08-36865 BARNSLEY "F" Crane County
08-36869 BARNSLEY -A- Crane County
08-37252 UL 18-19 Ward County
08-38575 BENGAL BAY Reeves County
08-39171 STATE OF TEXAS "DP" Ward County
7B-02459 FOY, O. H. -A- Jones County
7B-08683 NEWELL, DELL Shackelford County
7B-09176 NEWELL, DELL "A" Shackelford County
7B-09285 NEWELL, DELL, -B- Shackelford County
7B-11058 WINDSOR UNIT Stonewall County
7B-116033 MULLINS "A" Coleman County
7B-124139 MULLINS "B" Coleman County
7B-15076 SWANN, W.D. Jones County
7B-16542 DUGAN "A" Jones County
7B-18109 SWANN, W. D. Jones County
7B-22576 NEWELL "F" Shackelford County
7B-24148 MULLINS "G" Coleman County
7B-24444 FOY, O.H. "A" Jones County
7B-25044 WHITE, J. V. Jones County
7B-26906 MULLINS "C" Coleman County
7B-27656 TOUCHSTONE 'A' Jones County
7C-03570 UNIVERSITY "EL" Upton County
7C-04743 WOLTERS -B- TG Reagan County
7C-06095 STATE-WOLTERS Reagan County
7C-09406 UNIVERSITY "7NE" Irion County
7C-09514 A.V. MCMASTER Reagan County
7C-09534 WELLS, ONA Reagan County
7C-09552 HALFMANN Reagan County
7C-09960 UNIVERSITY BLK 11 Reagan County
7C-10948 TURNER Tom Green County
7C-11045 MUNN Tom Green County
7C-11348 LISA Reagan County
7C-11449 UNIVERSITY "2" Reagan County
7C-11462 UNIVERSITY "2A" Reagan County
7C-11851 TURNER, MAXWELL #1 Tom Green County
7C-11936 TURNER, MAXWELL #2 Tom Green County
7C-12510 UNIVERSITY 43-7 Reagan County
7C-12511 UNIVERSITY 43-6 Reagan County
7C-12512 UNIVERSITY 43-4 Reagan County
7C-12514 UNIVERSITY 43-7B Irion County
7C-16030 BERGER Schleicher County
8A-67567 MCINTYRE 17-G Terry County
8A-68738 ADCOCK, D. L. Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Martin, Jimmy Inc