Martin Well Service Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Martin Well Service
Map of Wells Operated by Martin Well Service
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Leases Operated by Martin Well Service

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-03347 CULLERS -B- Jack County
09-046397 WILLIAMS, MOLLY Young County
09-052845 MACWILLIAMS UNIT Young County
09-07373 MONTGOMERY, H. R. -A- Young County
09-07381 WILLIAMS, MOLLIE MRS. Young County
09-100351 RICHARDS, W.L. Jack County
09-13199 WILLIAMS, MAC Young County
09-132611 WALK-WILLIAMS Young County
09-140531 WALKER-WILLIAMS Young County
09-180006 WILLIAMS, MRS. MOLLIE Young County
09-18677 RICHARDS, W. L. Jack County
09-20756 KINDER, GEORGE ET AL Jack County
09-21750 KINDER, GEORGE Jack County
09-21922 DUERSON Jack County
09-21958 1ST STATE BANK Jack County
09-22033 MAC WILLIAMS "A" Young County
09-22132 CULLERS "B" Jack County
09-22268 KINDER, GEORGE "A" Jack County
09-22347 DUERSON Jack County
09-22448 MAC WILLIAMS "B" Young County
09-22558 MAC WILLIAMS "SU" Young County
09-22868 DUERSON Jack County
09-23003 ATWOOD-WILEY "B" Young County
09-23007 CULLERS "B" Jack County
09-23008 RICHARDS, W. L. Jack County
09-23053 CULLERS "B" Jack County
09-24454 MCKNIGHT Young County
09-24455 MAC WILLIAMS STATE Young County
09-245717 WALKER-WILLIAMS Young County
09-24852 MAC WILLIAMS "G" Young County
09-25413 BULLOCK Young County
09-25484 BISHOP Young County
09-25921 BULLOCK "A" Young County
09-26970 BRYSON RANCH Jack County
09-27728 WALKER-WILLIAMS Young County
09-27752 WESTOVER, EAST (CADDO) UNIT Baylor County
09-28082 WALKER-WILLIAMS Young County
09-28418 WALKER-WILLIAMS "A" Young County
09-29160 FAYETTE COUNTY SCHOOL LAND "F" Baylor County
09-29197 FAYETTE COUNTY SCHOOL LAND "F" Baylor County
09-31113 LASATER, W S Young County
09-31156 WALKER-WILLIAMS Young County
09-31865 WALKER WILLIAMS Young County

Drilling Permits Filed by Martin Well Service