McBee, Jim Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By McBee, Jim Co.
Map of Wells Operated by McBee, Jim Co.
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Leases Operated by McBee, Jim Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-017403 CONNAWAY, JENNIE L., MRS. Brown County
7B-017453 BAXTER, B. G.&KIRKPATRICK, E. E. Brown County
7B-017455 GRELLE, CARL&EKIRKPATRICK, E. E. Brown County
7B-017458 MCCLELLAN, PAT N. Brown County
7B-017459 SIKES, ERNEST Brown County
7B-036285 BAXTER, B. S. & KIRKPATRICK Brown County
7B-042878 BAXTER & KIRKPATRICK Brown County
7B-067885 CONNAWAY Brown County
7B-068037 CONNAWAY JEANNIE L. Brown County
7B-101967 HOSCH Coleman County
7B-117222 TAYLOR,F.W. JR. Coleman County
7B-117223 TAYLOR,F.W. JR. Coleman County
7B-131769 TAYLOR, F.W. Coleman County
7B-13731 HALLONQUIST, J.B. Coleman County
7B-139757 BROWN Brown County
7B-143007 WESSON Brown County
7B-143542 BAHLS Brown County
7B-149380 BAHLS Brown County
7B-151844 O'BRYAN, W. P. Brown County
7B-156221 WESSON Brown County
7B-160934 WESSON Brown County
7B-163779 O'BRYAN Brown County
7B-17273 RATLIFF-FORD Brown County
7B-17498 HOSCH Coleman County
7B-176073 WESSON Mills County
7B-176074 WESSON Mills County
7B-177065 WESSON Mills County
7B-22842 TAYLOR, F.W. Coleman County
7B-23194 BARR Coleman County
7B-23970 REEVES Coleman County
7B-24659 WINSLETT Coleman County
7B-25717 BRANDT, FELIX -A- Coleman County
7B-27173 BROWN Brown County
7B-28260 POCAHONTAS Brown County
7B-28333 RATLIFF-FORD "A" Brown County
7B-28505 BRANDT, FELIX Coleman County
7B-29298 BARR "A" Coleman County
7C-16022 SUNVISON-BEARDEN Menard County

Drilling Permits Filed by McBee, Jim Co.