McCann Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By McCann Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by McCann Corporation
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Leases Operated by McCann Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-04542 IDEN, ELLIS Howard County
08-118795 JAMESON, JAHEW "D" Nolan County
08-128611 JAMESON, JAHEW "E" Nolan County
08-130577 JAMESON, JAHEW "B" Nolan County
08-25361 READ -A- Howard County
08-25537 QUINN-A- Howard County
08-25676 READ -A- (MISS) Howard County
08-25876 WILDHORSE Howard County
08-25877 POWELL Howard County
08-26263 JAMESON, JAHEW -A- Nolan County
08-26602 JANE READ Howard County
08-26768 O'DANIEL Howard County
08-26837 READ -A- "34" Howard County
08-26903 FLANAGAN -A- Howard County
08-26928 WOLF Howard County
08-27014 EAST SLOPE -36- Howard County
08-27028 POWELL Howard County
08-27059 STEWART RANCH Howard County
08-27094 LOVELESS Howard County
08-27555 WALKER Howard County
08-27851 BROUGHTON Howard County
08-28023 POWELL Howard County
08-28073 JANE READ 2 Howard County
08-28307 O'DANIEL -2- Howard County
08-28633 REED, JANE Howard County
08-28881 IDEN, JERRY Howard County
08-30172 WILDHORSE Howard County
7B-103121 BRAMLET "B" Comanche County
7B-128369 JAMESON,JAHEW "B" Nolan County
7B-15330 BRAMLET B Comanche County
7C-08870 MCELROY Upton County
7C-09134 WALKER, J.S. "B" ONE Coke County
7C-100554 JAMESON "H" Nolan County
7C-105903 WALKER, J. S. "A" Coke County
7C-113262 MCELROY Upton County
7C-121902 WALKER, J. S. "B" TWO Coke County
8A-63937 SNELL, M. L. Dawson County
8A-64183 FUHRMAN, F. H. Dawson County
8A-64258 FUHRMAN, F. H. "2" Dawson County
8A-64714 BROWN, BILLY Dawson County
8A-64754 BROWN, BILLY Dawson County
8A-64806 SNELL, M. L. Dawson County
8A-64815 SNELL "A" Dawson County
8A-64969 DUNN Scurry County
8A-65251 SNELL "A" Dawson County
8A-68147 SNELL, M. L. Dawson County
8A-68148 SNELL, M. L. Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by McCann Corporation