McCommons Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By McCommons Oil Company
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DALLAS, TX 75201

Leases Operated by McCommons Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-029092 BOYER, R. M. Wise County
09-029093 CARTER, A. R. Wise County
09-029094 CULWELL, OLLIE Wise County
09-029096 HALMAN-SMITH Wise County
09-029097 MASSEY, J. B. Wise County
09-029098 MASSEY, Q. C. Wise County
09-029099 MONTGOMERY HEIRS Wise County
09-041341 HEARD, N. E. Wise County
09-058616 YOUNG, G. C. Wise County
09-060755 ROGERS, M. S. "A" Wise County
09-062620 PEAVY, STANLEY H. JR. -A- Jack County
09-063357 GANDY, BULA MAE Montague County
09-063454 MALCOLM, G. B. Wise County
09-063719 HOPKINS M.B. Wise County
09-09002 BAPTIST CHURCH Wise County
09-09347 ROGERS, JOE Wise County
09-09487 ROBINSON, ROY Wise County
09-09542 MORRIS, W. B. Wise County
09-095575 CARTER, A.R.A. Wise County
09-09858 ROBINSON, ROY -A- Wise County
09-10019 THOMPSON, S. H. Wise County
09-10652 GREEN, G. W. Wise County
09-110073 GREEN, G. W. Wise County
09-11608 HEARD, N. E. Wise County
09-11609 SHAUNTY, JOHN N., EST. Wise County
09-13918 BUTLER, TIP Grayson County
09-15328 MRS. L. C. EVANS UNIT Wise County
09-15438 STEVENS, R. F. Wise County
09-15469 DENNIS, SUE SEAY Montague County
09-15498 STATE-DENNIS UNIT Montague County
09-15593 SMITH, ALICE Wise County
09-15698 SHIELDS, MARY K. Montague County
09-15750 BUTLER -A- #1 Grayson County
09-15843 SPEER, ORAN UNIT Wise County
09-15894 SPEER, ORAN ESTATE #2 UNIT Wise County
09-16075 FRUITLAND CADDO UNIT Montague County
09-16217 SHIELDS, MARY K. Montague County
09-16269 BARROW, W. D. Wise County
09-16294 GARDNER HEIRS Wise County
09-16338 GARDNER HEIRS Wise County
09-16380 SHIELDS, MARY K. Montague County
09-16504 SPARKMAN HEIRS Wise County
09-16545 FOWLER, M Montague County
09-16571 GRAHAM, J. L. Wise County
09-16606 SHIELDS, MARY K. Montague County
09-166187 MONTGOMERY HEIRS Wise County
09-16706 MOSS, H. B., MRS. Montague County
09-16806 DONALD -B- Montague County
09-16851 CARMINATI, PETE -B- Montague County
09-16852 DONALD ET AL Montague County
09-16865 MORRISON -B- Montague County
09-17483 BECKMAN, H. W. Montague County
09-17526 MCGEE, J. W. Wise County
09-17598 BRYANT, DAVE Montague County
09-17966 CITY OF MONTAGUE UNIT #3 Montague County
09-18036 WOODALL UNIT Montague County
09-18282 WOODALL UNIT Montague County
09-18304 JAMESON, NAOMI Montague County
09-18353 CARMINATI -B- Montague County
09-18467 WOODALL Montague County
09-18468 WOODALL Montague County
09-18606 SHIELDS, MARY K. -D- Montague County
09-18669 FORT RICHARDSON Jack County
09-18729 BENTON-WOOD -A- Montague County
09-18935 SKINNER Montague County
09-18981 BENTON-WOOD -A- Montague County
09-19017 CARMINATI-CRENSHAW Montague County
09-19379 RUNNING HIGH RANCH Montague County
09-19675 YOWELL, O'DESSA Montague County
09-19724 BENTON-WHITESIDE Montague County
09-19727 WILLIAMS, ROGER Montague County
09-19875 YOWELL, O'DESSA -A- Montague County
09-20055 SHAW, MARVIN Montague County
09-23270 MCNEILL Montague County
09-25975 FENOGLIO, H.E. -A- Montague County
09-26658 NABOURS, DELLA FENOGLIO Montague County
09-27224 STONEBURG, NO. STRAWN UNIT Montague County
09-29913 RUNNING HIGH RANCH Montague County
09-32748 O'DESSA YOWELL 'A' Montague County

Drilling Permits Filed by McCommons Oil Company