McCormick Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By McCormick Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by McCormick Operating Company
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Leases Operated by McCormick Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-099205 E. P. ROYALTY CORPORATION Val Verde County
03-046202 CONNOR, THOS. G. Wharton County
03-049328 GOODSON Montgomery County
03-058741 HANCOCK, R. H. Wharton County
03-060051 HANCOCK, R. H. -A- Wharton County
03-061050 HANCOCK, R. H. -A- Wharton County
03-063563 GOODSON Montgomery County
03-081891 CORNERSTONE Fort Bend County
03-10083 GENERAL CRUDE Brazoria County
04-050003 CAGE ESTATE -A- Brooks County
04-058889 MILLER,L.D. Brooks County
04-069220 CAGE ESTATE -G- Brooks County
04-069221 HOPPER, C. F. -A- Brooks County
04-069240 CAGE ESTATE -G- Brooks County
04-069423 HOPPER, C. F. -A- Brooks County
04-083320 CAGE, R.G., -J- Brooks County
04-085389 LOPEZ, GLORIA GARCIA Brooks County
04-087360 CAGE "A" Brooks County
04-091985 CARTER RANCH Brooks County
04-09756 MILLER, L. D. Brooks County
04-098663 C. F. HOPPER "A" Brooks County
04-099177 CARTER RANCH Brooks County
05-02066 BAUM ESTATE Navarro County
05-02106 FEDERAL LAND BANK Navarro County
05-02122 GREGORY, C. F. Navarro County
05-02175 MILLIGAN Navarro County
05-02213 OPAL UNIT Navarro County
05-02234 CUNNINGHAM UNIT Navarro County
05-02248 HARVARD UNIT Navarro County
05-02295 ROBERT UNIT Navarro County
05-091554 TILLMAN, L.B. Limestone County
06-079175 TENNECO-WEINER Panola County
06-080145 ADAMS, V. GAS UNIT NO. 2 Panola County
08-104147 ADAMS STATE Reeves County
08-26719 NEWMONT UNIT Martin County
08-27033 DOROTHY UNIT Martin County
8A-62238 COUNTESS Lubbock County
8A-62361 HAIRSTON, J. W. -A- Lubbock County

Drilling Permits Filed by McCormick Operating Company