McCutchin Petroleum Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By McCutchin Petroleum Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by McCutchin Petroleum Corporation
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DALLAS, TX 75225

(214) 265-9030

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Leases Operated by McCutchin Petroleum Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-11941 HOLSTEIN, R.J. UNIT Wilson County
01-13767 HOLSTEIN, ROY J. Wilson County
09-113396 MOSER, JEFF Wise County
09-163425 JONES UNIT Montague County
09-164915 DENSON Montague County
09-168871 GARRETT Montague County
09-196064 LOWRANCE, GENE Wise County
09-224135 LAPRADE Jack County
09-226004 THORNTON Jack County
09-240559 GREEN, BONNIE Wise County
09-246999 COURSEY Wise County
09-251633 COURSEY UNIT Wise County
09-259984 BEAMAN Wise County
09-261792 LEITNER Wise County
09-262293 ANDERSON Wise County
09-264295 SMITH UNIT Wise County
09-264571 SMITH UNIT Wise County
09-265807 J. E. SMITH UNIT Wise County
09-268554 CHAMPION UNIT Wise County
09-268758 MYRL SMITH UNIT Wise County
09-273582 CATO UNIT Wise County
09-278138 DENNEY Wise County
09-278782 SMITH GREEN UNIT Wise County
09-281567 COURSEY UNIT (ALLOC) Wise County
09-284194 LOWRANCE, GENE Wise County
09-29535 DENSON UNIT Montague County
09-29594 LOWRANCE, GENE Wise County
09-29657 LAPRADE Jack County
09-29667 LOWRANCE, GENE #2 Wise County
09-29691 LOWRANCE, GENE #3 Wise County
09-29783 STEWART Montague County
09-29841 COFFIELD Montague County
09-29935 MAYO Montague County
09-30053 WALKER-MORGAN UNIT Montague County
09-30169 MOSER, JEFF Wise County
09-30190 COFFIELD A Montague County
09-30225 LOWRANCE, GENE Wise County
09-30514 THORNTON Jack County
09-30701 LOWRANCE, G. #7 Wise County

Drilling Permits Filed by McCutchin Petroleum Corporation