Merritt Operating, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Merritt Operating, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Merritt Operating, Inc.
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PO BOX 12849
DALLAS, TX 75225

(214) 697-0900

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Leases Operated by Merritt Operating, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-00820 HOOPER, FANNIE -A- Montgomery County
03-02757 KIMES, MARY Polk County
03-02758 MUNSON, W. B. HEIRS Polk County
03-02759 MUNSON, O. L. Polk County
03-02760 PRATT, H. J. Polk County
03-02765 KAVANAUGH & COLLINS Polk County
03-02766 KAVANAUGH & COLLINS -B- Polk County
03-075213 KEYSTONE MILLS CO. Montgomery County
03-09189 BERGMAN, OLA Polk County
03-095913 KEYSTONE MILLS Montgomery County
03-099313 HOOPER, FANNIE Montgomery County
03-10161 COLEMAN, DEWITT Leon County
03-10162 COLEMAN, DEWITT -B- Leon County
03-10167 ANDREWS, E. B., JR. UNIT A-1 Leon County
03-11095 HONAKER, D. A. UNIT Polk County
03-11958 KIMES-WILLIS UNIT Polk County
03-12384 KAVANAUGH & COLLINS -A- Polk County
03-13966 KAVANAUGH & COLLINS -A- Polk County
03-15711 KEYSTONE MILLS CO. Montgomery County
03-18800 GRANBURY, C.B. Polk County
03-21194 KAVANAUGH & COLLINS Polk County
03-23420 HOOPER, FANNIE Montgomery County
03-23498 PRATT, H.J. -A- Polk County
04-100127 STATE OF TEXAS TRACT 284 Kenedy County
04-158121 NICHOLSON "A" Webb County
04-227026 ST. TR. 284 Kenedy County
04-256941 KMF 78 Kenedy County
04-260903 STATE TRACT 303 Kenedy County
08-01799 BROOKS, E. T. Andrews County
08-15906 BROOKS, E. T. Andrews County
08-30936 LINEBERY Andrews County
09-30096 BEDROCK RANCH Cooke County
09-30133 BETSY Montague County
09-30150 JAN LEE Montague County
09-30162 ADAMS Montague County
09-30177 TOWER Cooke County
09-30178 TONI Cooke County
09-30251 ADAMS Montague County
09-30252 BETSY Montague County
09-30263 JAN LEE Cooke County
09-30276 TONI Cooke County
09-30290 JAN LEE A Montague County
09-30310 TOWER Cooke County
09-30314 TOWER Cooke County
09-30315 BETSY A Montague County
09-30340 ADAMS B Montague County
09-30380 TONI Cooke County
09-30381 JOHNSON A Wise County
09-30415 BEDROCK RANCH B Cooke County
09-30441 JOHNSON Wise County
09-30526 CORA Cooke County
09-30602 BEDROCK RANCH C Cooke County
09-31012 EILENE Montague County
09-31039 CORA B Montague County
8A-65706 DEATHERAGE, L. O. Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Merritt Operating, Inc.