MGF Oil Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By MGF Oil Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by MGF Oil Corporation
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Leases Operated by MGF Oil Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04713 BEEVER -A- Frio County
01-04994 JUNG Frio County
01-05042 JUNG -A- Frio County
03-07924 DAVIS, ELSIE F., TR. Brazoria County
03-07930 ROGERS, BLANCHE Brazoria County
03-08077 DAVIS, ELSIE F., TRUSTEE Brazoria County
03-085636 STATE TRACT 72 Chambers County
03-090424 STATE TRACT 72 Chambers County
03-10059 ROGERS, BLANCHE Brazoria County
03-10271 DAVIS, ELSIE F. Brazoria County
03-11944 DAVIS, ELSIE F. TR. Brazoria County
03-15202 BARROW RANCH Chambers County
03-15203 BARROW RANCH Chambers County
03-15685 BARROW RANCH Chambers County
03-16126 DAVIS, ELSIE F. TRUSTEE Brazoria County
03-20985 DAVIS, ELSIE F. TRUSTEE Brazoria County
06-076792 CRENSHAW "A" Panola County
06-076793 CRENSHAW "A" Panola County
06-077267 CRENSHAW "A" Panola County
06-077987 CRENSHAW "A" Panola County
06-080813 CRENSHAW "A" Panola County
08-062759 T.A.S. MOBIL STATE Pecos County
08-076230 ELSINORE CATTLE COMPANY Pecos County
08-21454 TUBB, J. B. -A- Crane County
08-21541 ELAINE Andrews County
08-22828 FULLER, TOMMY Martin County
08-23027 TATE, A. H. Martin County
08-23469 HARRELL, ET AL Martin County
08-23833 ATCHINSON, ETAL Martin County
08-23862 PETERS, ET AL Martin County
08-23895 SNELL, L. D. Martin County
08-23903 HERZOG,FRANCES, ETAL Martin County
08-23911 BEST, ET AL Martin County
08-24015 WAXLER, MILDRED Martin County
08-24017 EPLEY Martin County
08-24401 NICHOLS Martin County
08-24455 RAGLAND Martin County
08-24571 LITTMAN, LYDIA Andrews County
08-24674 HORWOOD Sterling County
08-24697 LITTMAN, LYDIA "A" Andrews County
08-25016 DICKENSON Martin County
08-25064 STIMSON -A- Martin County
08-25080 LINDSEY ESTATE Martin County
08-25089 STIMSON Martin County
08-25326 EPLEY -31- Martin County
08-25462 MCMURRY Martin County
08-25736 PETERS-3- Martin County
08-25860 HERZOG -A- Martin County
08-25936 WAINWRIGHT Martin County
08-25938 NAIL -A- Martin County
08-25944 LINNIE Martin County
08-26295 HENSON Martin County
08-26435 NAIL -C- UNIT Martin County
08-26443 LITTLETON Martin County
08-26483 BLOCKER -A- Martin County
08-26484 NAIL -B- Martin County
08-26492 BLOCKER -B- Martin County
08-26528 GULF -B- Martin County
08-26580 MIMS Martin County
08-26620 CLINE Martin County
08-26646 CLINE -A- UNIT Martin County
08-26759 SELLERS Sterling County
08-26862 MCKASTLE Martin County
08-27320 GRANTHAM Martin County
08-27351 ROMAN Martin County
7C-05735 TXL Upton County
7C-07814 DAVIS, G. R. "B" Upton County
7C-07815 TXL Upton County
7C-08890 MEINER "A" Upton County
7C-09076 UNIVERSITY "8-A" Reagan County
7C-09077 UNIVERSITY "17-D" Reagan County
7C-09247 UNIVERSITY 16C Reagan County
7C-09397 UNIVERSITY 17 "C" Reagan County
7C-09831 UNIVERSITY 16 "D" Reagan County
7C-100574 DAVIDSON, C. E. III Crockett County
8A-60489 JOHNSON Yoakum County
8A-60897 MARATHON Yoakum County
8A-60898 MARATHON "A" Yoakum County
8A-61336 WAPLES-PLATTER Yoakum County
8A-61640 BURNS, LUCILLE Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by MGF Oil Corporation