Mobil Oil Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Mobil Oil Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Mobil Oil Corporation
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 4358
HOUSTON, TX 77210-4358

Leases Operated by Mobil Oil Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000109 KYNETTE McMullen County
02-001197 BLOCK 71 UNIT Live Oak County
02-004681 MAGNOLIA-BENNETT Jackson County
02-004687 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-01982 JEFFRYN-HILBRICH ACCT. #2 Karnes County
02-02145 HINSHAW, O. G. Jackson County
02-030347 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-037583 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-038248 BLOCK 76 UNIT-UN Live Oak County
02-042935 OWEN UNIT Live Oak County
02-050512 SCHUECH, D. W. Jackson County
02-051991 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-055714 WEST RANCH -A Jackson County
02-077384 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
03-008172 NORTH ROWAN UNIT 4 Galveston County
03-008732 SAVAGE, FRANCES Matagorda County
03-032052 STATE OF TEXAS LEASE #53881 Brazoria County
03-04163 LIVE OAK Matagorda County
03-08193 TRULL ESTATE Matagorda County
03-09338 TRULL, F. M., ET AL UNIT 2 Matagorda County
03-10505 SAVAGE, STEWART Matagorda County
04-011384 BURDETTE, L. A. Jim Wells County
04-011413 LA GLORIA, SOUTH GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-011423 LA GLORIA GAS UNIT Jim Wells County
04-01214 HARVEY, J. H. San Patricio County
04-012536 DUVAL RANCH SEC. 95 UNIT Duval County
04-012541 DUVAL RANCH SEC. 106 Duval County
04-02211 SEELIGSON, A. A. A/C-5 Jim Wells County
04-034846 SANTA CRUZ FARMS Hidalgo County
04-035528 KENEDY RANCH -A- Kenedy County
04-036196 WALTON -A- Nueces County
04-040704 HARVEY, J. H. San Patricio County
04-04090 DCRC SEC. 81 Duval County
04-041678 CHAPMAN RANCH -B- Nueces County
04-049097 JUAREZ, E. Starr County
04-050367 KENEDY RANCH -A- Kenedy County
04-050650 STEWART & JONES UNIT #1 Jim Wells County
04-051582 BALDWIN, J. C. Nueces County
04-056808 RACHAL San Patricio County
04-059185 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-059741 GARRETT GAS UNIT Nueces County
04-065141 SEELIGSON, A.A. A/C 5 Jim Wells County
04-072238 RACHAL San Patricio County
04-075684 SEELIGSON, A.A. Jim Wells County
04-07988 RACHAL San Patricio County
06-016280 ORR, F. L. Marion County
06-016688 SHILOH GAS UNIT 4 Rusk County
06-016706 SHILOH GAS UNIT #10 Rusk County
08-00093 STATE GROVE A/C #5 Pecos County
08-01640 GOWENS, J. W. -A- Andrews County
08-020202 WALTON, J. B. Winkler County
08-033527 STATE WALTON Winkler County
08-037658 STATE IVEY GAS UNIT Pecos County
08-03971 FASKEN -BA- Andrews County
08-04531 NOLLEY, S. E. -C- Andrews County
08-049031 STATE WALTON "E" Winkler County
08-16096 EPPENAUER, A. R. Crane County
08-16467 ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH -E- Andrews County
08-17108 LUTZ, J. W. Pecos County
08-18366 DELKER, MARY JO Pecos County
08-23376 STATE GROVE Pecos County
08-24019 FASKEN BLK. "BB" Andrews County
08-35459 HALEY, C. B. "A" Midland County
10-022421 LINN, ROY Ochiltree County
10-023988 BRITAIN, E. C. Moore County
10-025895 DARSEY, R. E. Gray County
10-025902 SAUNDERS, G. H. Gray County
6E-08112 BROOKS, CARRIE #6
6E-08131 GOYNE, MARY
7C-01346 GREATHOUSE, B. R. 43 Reagan County
7C-03903 POWELL, VIRGIL "D" Upton County
7C-06312 RYBURN, C. W. Glasscock County
7C-06461 POWELL, VIRGIL B Upton County
8A-05211 H. & J. SEC. 457-D Gaines County
8A-05442 H & J 219 Gaines County
8A-07145 CONRAD -D- Borden County
8A-18722 H & J SEC. 455-D Gaines County
8A-60625 H & J SEC. 265 Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Mobil Oil Corporation