Modern Exploration, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Modern Exploration, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Modern Exploration, Inc.
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Company Name:

SHERMAN, TX 75090-5974

(361) 880-5755

Leases Operated by Modern Exploration, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05707 KASPER, DON Gonzales County
01-06227 KIFER Gonzales County
01-06341 KIFER, MRS. L.A. Gonzales County
01-06509 KIFER-A- Gonzales County
01-06527 KIFER-B- Gonzales County
01-07036 MALATEK, JOE Gonzales County
01-101960 KIEFER, MRS. L. A. Gonzales County
01-10360 VALENTA Gonzales County
01-12069 VALENTA Gonzales County
01-12146 ROOT, JOHN Gonzales County
01-12224 ALI-O UNIT Gonzales County
01-12283 DYC Gonzales County
01-12371 DYC -A- Gonzales County
01-12511 BRANDS, J.E. Gonzales County
01-13193 LESTER-BRUNS UNIT Gonzales County
01-13359 EMOGENE UNIT Gonzales County
01-13397 KIFER -A- Gonzales County
01-13398 KIFER -B- Gonzales County
01-135254 NUNLEY La Salle County
01-13543 BOUCHER UNIT Gonzales County
01-13629 NELL, EMMA Gonzales County
01-13701 TEXAS TWO STEP Gonzales County
01-13778 HARRISON Gonzales County
01-13843 GRAND SLAM UNIT Gonzales County
01-13911 TEXAS TEA Gonzales County
01-13948 WINDFALL UNIT Gonzales County
01-13977 JACKPOT UNIT Gonzales County
01-14057 CAMPBELL Gonzales County
01-14175 GEORG UNIT 3 Karnes County
01-14179 GEORGE UNIT Karnes County
01-14224 ELLIS Gonzales County
01-15272 TEXAS TWO STEP Gonzales County
01-15273 MOSTYN Gonzales County
01-18201 HARVEY JOHNSON EF UNIT Gonzales County
01-18620 MAGEE Gonzales County
02-124183 PILGREEN Lavaca County
02-156660 SMOTHERS Lavaca County
02-156854 PILGREEN Lavaca County
02-159800 PILGREEN GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-212401 OHRT DeWitt County
02-212440 BITTERLY DeWitt County
02-213865 RANGNOW DeWitt County
02-218194 ALBRECHT Goliad County
02-219857 STAPLES Bee County
02-221067 KERSTEN Lavaca County
02-221482 JACOBS Lavaca County
02-221671 LANGE, LARRY Goliad County
02-221826 EICHMAN Goliad County
02-221954 TWO LADIES Goliad County
02-226787 RENFRO Goliad County
02-236572 FRANKE Goliad County
02-261990 MISSION VALLEY Victoria County
03-19277 GENTRY UNIT Lee County
03-19646 OWEN, HERB Bastrop County
03-19709 STEGLICH, LEROY Bastrop County
03-19735 MCCURLEY UNIT Bastrop County
03-19905 STEGLICH "A" Bastrop County
03-22659 FASKE Lee County
04-07726 PARHAM, ELLIE Willacy County
04-08362 PARHAM, ELLIE Willacy County
04-104169 STAFFEL GAS UNIT Jim Wells County
04-148591 PARHAM, ELLIE Willacy County
04-177652 ARMENDAIZ Willacy County
04-180288 PARHAM, ELLIE Willacy County
04-184497 FAY UNIT San Patricio County
04-189672 WHITE POINT San Patricio County
04-244695 PISTOL HILL Starr County
04-256305 CLOPTON, JOHN H. Starr County
04-261275 RAMIREZ Brooks County
04-287032 CLOPTON, JOHN H. Starr County
06-181930 MATHEWS UNIT Shelby County
08-26729 FLANAGAN -A- Howard County
08-26937 FLANAGAN -B- Howard County
09-219219 DITMORE Erath County
09-227046 BRAGG Erath County
09-227048 GREENWAY Erath County
09-30812 BLOCK Cooke County
09-31398 PARNELL Montague County
09-33047 MCCOY Foard County
7B-087038 BIBLE Eastland County

Drilling Permits Filed by Modern Exploration, Inc.