Monsanto Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Monsanto Company
Map of Wells Operated by Monsanto Company
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Leases Operated by Monsanto Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-000821 SCHIWETZ, E. G. DeWitt County
02-001284 JOHNSTON, METTIE Victoria County
02-001303 HORADAM, H. L. ET AL Victoria County
02-001319 HORADAM, H. L. ET AL Victoria County
02-00317 REEVES, LEONA Victoria County
02-003439 MOODY Jackson County
02-003772 HALEPASKA, F. Victoria County
02-022926 KOLO Goliad County
02-03093 FIELDS Goliad County
02-031641 MCCAN 1 Victoria County
02-043750 DIETZEL, ED Victoria County
02-048174 ROBERT DeWitt County
02-055015 CLAUDE Victoria County
02-060151 REEVES, LEONA Victoria County
02-075463 ALVES DeWitt County
02-076282 MCCULLOUGH-PEDROTTI Live Oak County
02-077816 REEVES, W. H. Victoria County
02-091846 REEVES, LEONA Victoria County
03-005272 SECURITY STATE BANK & TRUST CO. Jefferson County
03-005285 CROW, FANNIE Jefferson County
03-006080 NEWMONT Matagorda County
03-007238 MANOR Brazoria County
03-007240 TINSLEY Brazoria County
03-007245 TINSLEY Brazoria County
03-036184 NEWMONT Matagorda County
03-038682 SECURITY STATE BANK & TRUST CO. Jefferson County
03-040783 MANOR Brazoria County
03-041965 BLACKWELL Brazoria County
03-044041 MANOR Brazoria County
03-059550 TRI Brazoria County
03-064914 MOERS UNIT Matagorda County
03-069379 COLLEGE Brazoria County
03-069852 AUSTIN COLLEGE Brazoria County
03-08562 CARR, R. H. SR. Brazoria County
04-009440 DAVENPORT Starr County
04-009442 DAVENPORT Starr County
04-015081 WELCH, R. A., FEE San Patricio County
04-015113 WELCH, R. A., FEE San Patricio County
04-033332 WELCH, R. A., FEE San Patricio County
04-046491 STATE TRACT 61 Refugio County
05-015684 JACOBS, AVA W. Freestone County
05-015685 MARSTERS, CHRISTINE W. Freestone County
05-02035 HAMMOCK, VIRGIL, MRS. Henderson County
05-02036 REYNOLDS, WALTER Henderson County
06-02205 NANNIE Anderson County
08-01681 UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-02752 BAKER Glasscock County
08-02753 COFFEE -A- Glasscock County
08-02754 COFFEE -B- Glasscock County
08-02755 COFFEE -C- Glasscock County
08-02756 COFFEE -D- Glasscock County
08-02757 LONGSHORE Howard County
08-02758 PHILLIPS Glasscock County
08-02798 ARRINGTON Glasscock County
08-063709 FELMONT Winkler County
08-067224 JACKSON Ward County
08-069369 UNIVERSITY "21-2" Winkler County
08-080983 JUAREZ Ward County
08-20472 RUTH Sterling County
08-24553 BERNICE "B" Pecos County
08-25720 BROWN 47 Pecos County
08-27509 UNIVERSITY 632 Andrews County
10-022351 CONVERSE Hansford County
10-028276 ORA 1C Hansford County
10-03434 EARP Hemphill County
10-03435 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-034370 STUMP Ochiltree County
10-03608 LAURIN Ochiltree County
10-092578 RESERVE Hemphill County

Drilling Permits Filed by Monsanto Company