NGL Water Solutions Permian, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By NGL Water Solutions Permian, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by NGL Water Solutions Permian, LLC
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1509 W WALL ST STE 306

Leases Operated by NGL Water Solutions Permian, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-17278 PARKER, J. E., -D- Andrews County
08-29447 MAYS Martin County
08-38926 BLAIR Reeves County
08-39210 PARKER, J. E. "J" Andrews County
08-40177 BLAIR (A) Reeves County
08-41020 J.E. PARKER "F" Andrews County
08-41513 ORLA FIVE SWD Reeves County
08-41532 G E RAMSEY 10 Culberson County
08-42071 CHANNING SWD Reeves County
08-42484 ORLA TOWNSITE SWD Reeves County
08-43725 RAMSEY 12A Reeves County
08-43897 PREAKNESS SWD Reeves County
08-44018 HRW HOWARD SWD Howard County
08-44198 OUTLAW SWD-44- Loving County
08-45037 HR COLORADO CITY SWD Mitchell County
08-45197 HWY 302 SWD Reeves County
08-45593 REEVES 630 SWD Reeves County
08-45758 ORLA 5476 Reeves County
08-45759 KERMIT SWD Winkler County
08-45763 HRW GLASSCOCK SWD Glasscock County
08-45817 MIDLAND SW Midland County
08-46163 SHAM SWD Reeves County
08-46166 TRIPPET SWD Reeves County
08-46167 CRANE SWD Crane County
08-46177 CENTRAL REEVES Reeves County
08-46219 RAMSEY GE 10 Culberson County
08-46256 NORTH REEVES 5885 SWD Reeves County
08-46417 SUPER SAVER SWD Ward County
08-46532 ORB SWD Reeves County
08-46588 RANGER 16 SWD Reeves County
08-46675 MARTIN SWD Martin County
08-47028 MIDLAND 817 SWD Midland County
08-47169 REEVES 25 SWD Reeves County
08-47219 APOLLO SWD Ward County
08-47477 HWY 285 SWD Reeves County
08-47752 TOWNSITE SWD Reeves County
08-48095 BEVO SWD Loving County
08-48643 HARRISON 285 SWD Reeves County
08-49786 SCAT DADDY SWD Reeves County
08-49813 JONES SWD Loving County
08-49883 RED BLUFF SWD Reeves County
08-50008 ORLA 8 SWD Reeves County
08-50009 SEA TREK SWD Reeves County
08-50206 JONES SWD Loving County
08-50264 FOX SWD Loving County
08-50310 VJ SWD Loving County
08-51204 RED BLUFF SWD (2) Reeves County
08-51395 SALT MINE SWD Culberson County
08-51517 POWERS SWD Reeves County
08-51580 WEBB SWD Reeves County
08-51618 TRIPPETT B SWD Reeves County
08-51629 CHAPMAN RANCH SWD Pecos County
08-52176 SALTY DOG SWD Andrews County
10-268762 HIGHWAY 152 SWD Wheeler County
10-274500 HRW CANADIAN SWD Ochiltree County
10-275398 HWY 152 SWD Wheeler County
7C-17828 BLACK MOUNTAIN 227 SWD Reagan County
7C-18661 BARNHART 687 SWD Irion County
7C-18732 HWY 349 SWD Upton County
7C-18795 RANKINBAKER 252 SWD Upton County
7C-18902 HWY 137 SWD Reagan County
7C-19085 REAGAN 333 SWD Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by NGL Water Solutions Permian, LLC