Northstar Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Northstar Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by Northstar Operating Company
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Leases Operated by Northstar Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-01262 EDWARDS, W. P. Crane County
08-06373 FASKEN -B- Midland County
08-080083 GRANT STATE Pecos County
08-11025 SANFORD-GRAY Pecos County
08-13742 SANFORD-GRAY Pecos County
08-172586 BARFIELD 8 -A- Glasscock County
08-18114 PECOS VALLEY OIL CO. Pecos County
08-19171 JENKINS Midland County
08-195330 TUNSTILL Ward County
08-20550 MCCAMEY, G. B., -A- /NCT-A/ Crane County
08-20793 COWDEN, JAX M. Crane County
08-21249 FOSTER -B- Ector County
08-216554 HORN -9- Glasscock County
08-22703 FOSTER "F" Ector County
08-23248 WINKLEMAN "B" Midland County
08-244468 ESTES Crane County
08-24682 FASKEN -13A- Midland County
08-246996 SHAMROCK -4- Glasscock County
08-24776 FASKEN 13 G Midland County
08-25002 PECOS VALLEY OIL CO. Pecos County
08-25295 O'BRIEN -A- Midland County
08-25391 TXL -27- Glasscock County
08-25432 TXL -3- Glasscock County
08-255195 ESTES Crane County
08-25614 GORDON STATE Pecos County
08-25682 TXL -27A- Glasscock County
08-25954 O'BRIEN -B- Midland County
08-26509 EDWARDS Ward County
08-26756 TXL 11 "A" Glasscock County
08-27372 TXL 3 -A- Glasscock County
08-27592 ESTES, W. A. Crane County
08-29053 HALL Howard County
08-29996 SLATOR Ector County
08-30232 EXXON YOUNG -33- Pecos County
08-30755 SHAMROCK -4- Glasscock County
08-30757 HORN -9- Glasscock County
08-31499 BARFIELD 8 -A- Glasscock County
08-31796 BARFIELD 8 -B- Glasscock County
08-31848 RATLIFF 46 -B- Glasscock County
08-32907 MCCAMEY, G. B. "A" (NCT-B) Crane County
08-33334 PIPER "C" Pecos County
08-33413 JESSICA Midland County
08-33984 JENKINS "C" Midland County
08-37296 COWDEN Crane County
08-37465 COWDEN, JAX Crane County
08-37493 BARFIELD 8 -B- Glasscock County
08-37532 WINKLEMAN "B" Midland County
08-37565 COWDEN "46" Crane County
08-37640 COWDEN "48" Crane County
08-37970 SLATOR Ector County
08-38321 ESTES Crane County
08-39393 WINTER Ward County
08-39805 ROADRUNNER 1 Crane County
08-40713 WINTER Ward County
08-42684 GRAHAM Ward County
08-44850 WINTER SWD Ward County
08-45314 RAYDEN MCCAMEY Crane County
08-46148 DABB Ward County
7B-12235 SHAW W. V. JR Fisher County
7B-14049 STRIBLING, J.C. ET AL Fisher County
7B-14733 BEALL "A" Nolan County
7B-26459 AIKEN, EDWIN 'A' Fisher County
7B-26853 TATE Stonewall County
7B-29659 AIKEN RANCH Fisher County
7C-01776 GUNTER Reagan County
7C-04822 HAM BATTERY NO. 2 Reagan County
7C-06475 CRAVENS -B- Irion County
7C-07440 BAUER Runnels County
7C-09162 UNIVERSITY 7 Reagan County
7C-11340 HERMAN Irion County
7C-12871 HERMAN "A" Irion County
7C-14057 COPE Reagan County
8A-62308 ATLAS II SWD Dawson County
8A-62850 GRANGER, C. T. "92" Gaines County
8A-63747 JAN X Dawson County
8A-67210 WAGNER, L.V. Terry County
8A-68548 ERNESTINE Yoakum County
8A-68593 WRIGHT, H . J . Dawson County
8A-68772 SIEBER Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Northstar Operating Company