Nucorp Energy, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Nucorp Energy, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Nucorp Energy, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Nucorp Energy, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05685 DUBOSE,JOHN STEEN Gonzales County
01-05708 SCHAUER, F.T. ET AL Gonzales County
01-05849 MCGINTY, BILLY ET AL Gonzales County
01-05970 MCCRARY, D.A. Milam County
01-05984 CULPEPPER, ALICE Gonzales County
01-06058 MCCALOP UNIT Gonzales County
01-06082 HEMPEL, PAUL Gonzales County
01-06146 LESSOR, JOHN Gonzales County
01-06194 MERCER, ROY E. Gonzales County
01-06207 STREETY UNIT Gonzales County
01-06261 WOOD, ELIZABETH Gonzales County
01-06293 KING, RUFUS Caldwell County
01-06396 KRAWIETZ, LUCY ET AL UNIT Wilson County
01-06412 BRUNS, LOLA B. Gonzales County
01-06413 RUDDOCK VACCINATING Gonzales County
01-06414 D. TENBERG UNIT Gonzales County
01-06415 WHIDDOW, L. W. Gonzales County
01-06417 CULPEPPER, A.L. Gonzales County
01-06425 HRBACEK, EMIL Gonzales County
01-06446 GLASS, WILLIAM B. Gonzales County
01-06675 KOTZUR UNIT Wilson County
01-06728 PERKINS, JESSIE Gonzales County
01-06814 GLASS, BRYAN S. Gonzales County
01-06822 SPIECKERMAN, ALMA Gonzales County
01-07037 KOTZUR -A- UNIT Wilson County
01-07234 EHRIG, R. Gonzales County
01-07582 KRAWIETZ, WILLIAM UNIT Wilson County
01-07778 JARZOMBEK, ALFRED UNIT Wilson County
01-103402 HRBACEK Gonzales County
03-087484 SCHOENEMANN UNIT Fayette County
03-089990 GIDDINGS "C" UNIT Lee County
03-094201 JOHNSTON UNIT Madison County
03-098384 JOHNSTON UNIT Madison County
03-13109 MORGAN, MARY Lee County
03-13683 LEHMANN, ROBERT A. Fayette County
03-13879 HUNT HEIRS Fayette County
03-14458 JOHNSTON Madison County
03-14854 STEP UNIT Fayette County
03-14887 SUSIE CLEMONS UNIT NO. 2 Lee County
03-14955 VAUGHAN UNIT Lee County
03-15071 VAUGHAN UNIT Lee County
03-16120 JOHNSTON Madison County
8A-63397 GARRETT-STEWART Kent County

Drilling Permits Filed by Nucorp Energy, Inc.